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Ultraviolet disinfection lamp price 30 w introduction?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-04-04
A, price is introduced in the human world the earliest period had learned to use the ultraviolet ray in sunlight to reach the effect of disinfection sterilization. Invented the first only from abroad of until now, is more and more used in various fields. The on the market generally divided into high, medium and low three, but USES the to achieve the effect of disinfection in general is given priority to with low pressure. The surface of an object can be done about pollution and air disinfection, etc. Let's come together to learn about the market sales of price.   two 30 w, waterproof price? After our research institute of the mainstream in the market now effect of test. 30 w power use in 30 square meters of space, the number of bacteria and reproduce vitality, in a safe range. 4 w small , reliable disinfection space is 6 square meters of space, because the space is little light reflex, sterilization effect will increase by about 50%. But remember the disinfection time shoulds not be too long. Because ultraviolet light aerobic turns into use for many things. Bacteria fecundity is very powerful, is also very fast. Fastest some bacteria can produce 10 to 15 minutes at a time. So now we come with better ultraviolet light to disinfection sterilization effect. Disinfection is the best time is a bacteria breeding cycle is 15 minutes. Three, and how much will it cost? General tubes, about 30 ~ 50 yuan, Including fixtures are a total of about 200 yuan) ; High intensity of ultraviolet lamp, can produce ozone at the same time, a little higher price. Four, how much is a household ? About 800 yuan, if the brand better 1000 +. Also have cheap, but the thing is not necessarily good five, ordinary need how many money? Actually, and common fluorescent lamp is a principle, it's just been a sterilizing lamp tubes without coating phosphors, disinfection lamp, according to the model function of different prices is different also. Ultraviolet disinfection lamp is made from special material. Is not a common glass. And generally can't automatic production. So the cost will more expensive than ordinary lamp. A few dollars from 10 to 50, 60 yuan, quality is different, price is different also. 30 w quartz : listen to the customer said, almost 1000 hours, but the is to use according to the national standard. The requirements of national standard is in the range of 1 meter, measured with ultraviolet strength tester, less than 70 should change the amounts per square centimeter. Mean, less than 70 amounts also can sterilization, however, was less than the national standard. In our daily life, the use of sterilization is important, but also safe use, be sure to do so we remind everyone in the use of , must understand the relevant considerations, lest cause unnecessary trouble.
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