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Ultraviolet disinfection lamp needs to be checked after disinfection ventilation?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-04-01
uv sterilizer lamp bactericidal effect of disinfection with fast and efficient, and pollution-free. Unconsciously it has crept into our lives, basic has become a household electrical appliance is well known, compared with the traditional sterilization method, surface sterilization with sterilization speed, can be continuous processing and batch processing, simple operation, no secondary pollution of environmental protection, etc. For many people in the use of when need ventilation? We once looked down; A, do you want to open a window for air disinfect the air? Usually don't need. Normal need in 20 minutes into the room. Ultraviolet disinfection lamp, is to use ultraviolet light to kill bacteria including breeding, buds, mycobacterium, corona viruses, fungi, such as rickettsia and chlamydia, using the after the indoor air disinfection already successful, without opening the window take a breath. Second, after disinfection, indoor ventilation? Any harm to human body? Ultraviolet lamp using mercury lamp to realize the function of sterilization, the ultraviolet radiation from the radiation of uv energy is larger, it without protective measures, easy to cause great harm to human body. If the bare skin is this kind of , light person can appear red and swollen, painful itch, desquamation; The person that weigh even can cause cancer, skin cancer, etc. In addition, it is also the eyes & other; Stealth killer & throughout; , can cause inflammation of the conjunctiva, long-term exposure may cause cataracts. After three, medical use of ventilation time? Too strong ultraviolet light can cause damage to the human vision or skin cancer, with ultraviolet light disinfection light, so don't long-term retention in the room. Can make oxygen react to generate ozone, ultraviolet radiation has a certain toxicity, so used room should be ventilated. Generally want to enter the room after 20 minutes. Four, home after use need to open the window well ventilated? As long as the human exposure time can not too long, has decreased by ultraviolet disinfection, clinically now it disinfection has limitations. Ozone clinical widely used now. After the use don't open the window, but also watch what you are right for disinfection, if the air disinfection, open a window instead. 1, can only give objects, Food) Sterilization on the surface, can't give the object surface sterilization; 2, object of multiple overlapping, cannot overlap to object surface sterilization; 3, can only give the object surface sterilization, sterilization can not give object interior! That is to say, ultraviolet ( Not visible) Where no light can't be sterilization effect. Experts suggest that the use of , can't someone inside the room, disinfection time 30 minutes to 1 hour advisable; Avoid looking directly at light source; Family in operating sterilizing lamp must wear protective glasses or sunglasses.
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