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Ultraviolet disinfection lamp is ozone good or no good?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-09-17
uv sterilizer lamp is ozone good or no good? uv sterilizer lamp, is to use ultraviolet light to kill bacteria including breeding, buds, mycobacterium, corona viruses, fungi, such as rickettsia and chlamydia, all surfaces contaminated with the virus, water and air, all can use ultraviolet disinfection. Ozone lamp is actually formed after the power supply high voltage electric field ionization discharge oxygen in the air into anion - Ozone, ozone in the lamps and lanterns of mount ion generator, accomplish truly 'fresh air'. Ozone with its strong oxidation disinfection, does not produce harmful products, residual ozone decomposition themselves for oxygen, and therefore do not produce residual pollution, this is other chemical disinfectants incomparable advantages. Ozone disinfection for room temperature dry gas disinfection spread evenly, simple and convenient application control, the economy, so with ozone good taizhou ultraviolet lamp lighting factory is a professional manufacturer, the company is located in the beijing-shanghai high-speed, high-speed ningtong expressway interchange, the transportation is convenient, and with Shanghai, suzhou, wuxi, yangzhou, nanjing and other places, adjacent main products are: ozone ultraviolet germicidal lamp, lamp and other series of products. Our factory has accumulated years of experience, and international famous company for the support of experts and photovoltaic technology research institutions. Now the company's technical level will increase steadily, and by the vast number of customer recognition.
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