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Ultraviolet disinfection lamp hurt the skin?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-04-01
Now the market for domestic use of ultraviolet disinfection lamps and lanterns with high radiation intensity, greater distances disinfection sterilization effect. When using, remind everybody when use must be in the condition of no use, avoid long time exposure to the naked eye and skin. Can be used to detect ultraviolet lamp radiation intensity. To avoid ultraviolet harm to human body. A, ultraviolet disinfection lamp according to hurt the skin? If because of improper operation accidentally by ultraviolet disinfection lamp hurt, skin damage, such as to prevent infection, can use iodine volts disinfection, also can be state or erythromycin ointment for external use only. Also can go to the hospital dermatological department or surgical clinic, according to the patients in disinfection treatment, and then select the anti-inflammatory drugs. Pay attention to skin health, avoid friction, pay attention to the health of clothes. Second, ultraviolet disinfection lamp burns to do, the skin make coke taste? Ultraviolet wavelengths more than 710, is the use of ultraviolet radiation from the mercury lamp to realize the function of sterilization, it radiation of ultraviolet energy is larger, if there is no protective measures, easy to cause damage to human body. If the bare skin is this kind of ultraviolet light, light person can appear red and swollen, painful itch, desquamation; The person that weigh even can cause cancer, skin cancer, etc. At the same time, it is also the eyes & other; Stealth killer & throughout; , can cause inflammation of the conjunctiva, long-term exposure may cause cataracts. For once it wouldn't have so serious consequences, you can use some medicine for eye protection, and prevent infection. Long exposure under ultraviolet light is the main consequences of the skin, eye damage and aging skin. Short time exposure if there isn't a darker skin color, there is no double saw tears, light red, swollen and painful words, should be ok. Eye pain, but you should go to the hospital check carefully. Three, disinfection lamp lead to skin desquamate how to treat? After skin disinfection lamp, because the uv disinfection lamp can lead to skin cell necrosis, serious desquamate phenomenon. At this time should be more compensatory nutrition, eat food containing more collagen, promote skin metabolism and the formation of new cells, can also apply some of erythromycin ointment, reduce skin irritation; To avoid is acrimony, exciting food; And when using disinfection lamp must pay attention to the prevention, avoid the harm of human body after irradiation. Four, skin from the ultraviolet disinfection lamp, how to do? 1. Apply on the face after mix turmeric powder and milk can get rid of sunburn and reduce the hair on his face. 2. Cucumber juice is a great toner. The cucumber juice evenly on the face can tighten pores. With ice friction skin can tighten pores and promote blood circulation. Five, ultraviolet disinfection lamp according to peel the skin how to treat? If the skin is after the ultraviolet irradiation, because the effect of ultraviolet light can cause skin on the surface of cell death, serious desquamate phenomenon. Should be more compensatory nutrition, eat food containing more collagen, promote skin metabolism and synthesis of new cells, can also apply some of erythromycin ointment, reduce skin irritation. After exposure to uv germicidal lamp must be protective measures, besmear high-expansion sunscreen or dozen umbrella, if long-term skin is exposed to ultraviolet light, in addition to desquamate, is more serious is that there will be at risk of skin cancer in the use of ultraviolet disinfection lamp to antivirus, shall prohibit the presence of someone in order to avoid the direct exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays to eyes and skin injuries. Ultraviolet (uv) light penetrability, straight lines, six, use ultraviolet disinfection lamp have three disinfection blind area note: 1, can only give objects, Food) Sterilization on the surface, can't give the object surface sterilization; 2, object of multiple overlapping, cannot overlap to object surface sterilization; 3, can only give the object surface sterilization, sterilization can not give object interior! That is to say, ultraviolet ( Not visible) Where no light can't be sterilization effect. As a result of above characteristic, general unit of ultraviolet disinfection lamp is in the inside of the ceiling, that is to say, sterilizing lamp only kill bacteria inside the ceiling. Occasionally some uv vent external radiation, greatly reduce the risk, so harmful to the human body than direct illuminate is much smaller.
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