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Ultraviolet disinfection lamp how to deal with the harm of eyes?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-04-06
In the beautiful and colorful dazzling sunshine, there is a kind of people we are invisible to the naked eye is called the uv light, we can't see it but it is often in virtually hurt by it. I think we both had a similar experience: in the hot sun, sun on the beach, you swimming all kinds of play. The next day, you will find that your face and body are irritable, red and itchy, started the first skin redness of a little bit of desquamate, finally turn black, a few days later only slowly recovering, but darkened compared to before. So these symptoms is ultraviolet ray in sunshine for you & quot; Take care & quot; 。 The ultraviolet ray in ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp and the ultraviolet ray in sunshine is a principle of nature, the difference is ultraviolet disinfection lamp is cooperate with uv germicidal lamp to achieve sterilization function! A, ultraviolet disinfection lamp the harm to the eyes in fact there is a kind of electromagnetic wave in ultraviolet disinfection lamp, its adjacent to and short wavelengths in the visible light purple is 200 nm to 380 nm refers to near ultraviolet light, the sun is the biggest produce ultraviolet (uv) light source, and some other physical phenomena can also produce ultraviolet (uv) light, such as welding, ultraviolet disinfection lamp of harm to human body is proportional to the radiation intensity of ultraviolet ray and radiation time, the longer the irradiation time the greater the damage to people. If the body is short time illuminate skin redness, itching, allergic papule; If the ultraviolet disinfection lamp irradiation not carefully to eye damage is very big, short time exposure can make red, watery eyes, eyesight whiting, long-term exposure to ultraviolet radiation can lead to blindness. In addition, the ultraviolet radiation when they make the oxygen in air to generate ozone generation dizziness, nausea and adverse reactions. So in terms of sterilization, undeniable ultraviolet made great contribution to human beings. Second, the eyes is how to deal with after ultraviolet disinfection lamp? First eye drops can, the best is to find a way to get some milk in the eye, because the folk prescription is more effective than eye drops, if is not very serious, the body's automatic repair also soon, but should be recovered. General under the conditions of ultraviolet disinfection machine work won't cause harm to human body, because of ultraviolet disinfection lamp and auxiliary sterilization equipment are sealed inside the casing. So normal use generally does not require any treatment. If due to wrong use eyes don't feel well, in the milk of choose and employ persons, oral vitamin B2, generally is reduced after 24 hours, don't need to worry too much. Three, the ultraviolet disinfection light hurt eyes? Give your popularity to ultraviolet disinfection lamp, the principle of knowledge. Ultraviolet disinfection sterilization principle: when organic pollutants after ultraviolet irradiation area, uv light penetration of biological membrane and the nucleus, damage DNA molecular bonds, losing the ability to replicate or lose their activity. So cells can't reproduce, microorganisms will die soon. Indoor air disinfection machine after its exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays within the scope of the cumulative impact on microorganisms, mean, for the first time through the ultraviolet irradiation area is not kill microorganisms, in the next cycle will be killed. Ultraviolet radiation can destroy the biological regeneration ability, this is very important. Because a bacteria within 24 hours will be hundreds of thousands or even millions of bacteria, this also means that even the most effective air filter can't completely remove microorganisms, so ultraviolet radiation sterilization is a fundamental way. By ultraviolet light to kill a microbe need depends on the dose of the uv germicidal lamp intensity and irradiation time. The ultraviolet disinfection light hurt eyes? If there is no special eyes, mild discomfort, no too big problems, rest well, oral vitamin is good, so please don't too nervous. If especially serious eye injuries to the medical check in case of one thousand. After four, ultraviolet disinfection lamp burned eyes attention points: 1, use the repair product repair formula contains inhibit melanin, and have calm calm effect, some also have whitening ingredients, can dilute and decompose the generated melanin, make the skin fair-skinneds in vain. 2, within the safety dosage of long-term oral vitamin C, can fade and decompose melanin has been formed, and inhibition of new melanin formation. Also within the safety of oral vitamin E, can accelerate the melanin from the skin or through the circulation of the blood. Method 1: on your eyes optic retinal nutrition therapy, to go to the hospital to see. Generally, generally does not have a large sequela, if serious how much affect vision. Method 2: avoid light, with dark glasses or goggles with eye drops, every day to eat anti-inflammatory drugs when necessary. Method 3: emulsion droplet and acceptance of people, this work than any eye drops.
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