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Ultraviolet disinfection lamp can produce ozone? Ok or not?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-04-03
A principle of ozone, is introduced: the hair of spectral lines are mainly 254 nm ( UVC) And 185 nm ( UVD) Two, 254 nm by exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays to kill bacteria microbial DNA, ozone disinfection lamp is to use 185 nm uv, a. 2 air into 3 ( Ozone) , ozone has strong oxidation, direct oxidation for bacterial cell body, namely damage while suppressing the effect of its DNA, RNA of virus also have damage, for a variety of toxins have certain oxidation, lower toxicity, which can effectively kill bacteria. Ozone diffuse just because ultraviolet ray propagation along a straight line only, can make up for disinfection has the defects of a corner. Pay attention to when using rubber products, such as steel items away from it, in order to avoid corrosion, in addition, the ozone can stimulate people the respiratory system, serious can cause damage with ozone, is how to return a responsibility? Ultraviolet disinfection lamp with ozone is a byproduct of lamp, lamp emit ultraviolet light has high energy, atomic state oxygen molecules in the air of oxygen, it is very lively, an atomic state oxygen reacts part and oxygen molecules a part generate ozone. Poisonous! Pay attention to the ventilation protection. 1, ozone is a strong oxidizer, but also a feature is very active, very easy to air and oxygen atoms combine oxygen generated, produce while reducing, disinfect thoroughly without residual corner no secondary pollution, but people don't when disinfection can be inside, in a environment with ozone harmful to human body for a long time, generally is 30 - ozone decomposition time Disinfection 30 to 60 minutes, it said After 60 minutes can work home. 2, disinfection when people can not inside, the skin will be harm to the eyes, uv lamp relative ozone disinfection is not complete, reach of the irradiation sterilization and basically can't ultraviolet disinfection need a longer time. 3, both to a certain extent, can replace each other, but not so fit, have write place such as household drinking water can be used to ozone sterilization, and will not be able to use ultraviolet light to sterilization, and if the air disinfection of the bedroom, two can play the role of replace each other. 3 what is produce ozone, ? Ultraviolet disinfection lamp produce ozone, oxygen molecules in the air after the absorption of a 185 nm wavelength ultraviolet also can produce ozone and oxygen atom. ( The oxygen in air ionization produced ozone) Ultraviolet light disinfection cleaning technology is the use of photosensitive oxidation of organic compounds to remove adhesion on the surface of organic material, after light cleaning of the surface of the material can reach & quot; Atomic cleanliness & quot; 。 Ultraviolet disinfection lamp, has the very high radiation energy, when these photons to the cleaning surfaces, since most hydrocarbons to 185 nm wavelength ultraviolet light has strong absorption ability, and the energy absorption of 185 nm wavelength ultraviolet light after decomposed into ions, free atoms, excited molecule and neutron, this is the so-called photosensitization. Molecular oxygen in the air after the absorption of a 185 nm wavelength ultraviolet also can produce ozone and oxygen atom. Ozone on 254 nm wavelength ultraviolet light also has strong absorption, ozone and decomposed into atomic oxygen and oxygen. Four, home of with ozone? Ultraviolet light, can produce ozone because of oxidation, such as ultraviolet intensity is high, the more ozone is generated. Ultraviolet penetration is very weak, Generally used for disinfection on the surface of the object surface light source and distance cannot be more than 1 meter) , except on the indoor air disinfection, of itself, but also rely on the generated ozone ( Ozone sterilization ability stronger) 。 Therefore, household had better be with ozone. Just when use, staff should leave space disinfection, ozone disinfection after stay concentration down to safe levels again into ( Open a window ventilated, will be soon) 。 5, 30 watts how much ozone produced per hour? Ultraviolet disinfection lamp 30 watts per hour how much ozone related to many factors, one factor is different manufacturer production ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp of ozone is different; With our 30 watts of , ozone production amount per hour to 3000 mg/hour. Hope that today's explanation can help you.
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