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Ultraviolet disinfection lamp can eliminate peculiar smell?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-04-03
Ultraviolet disinfection lamp belongs to low pressure ( Discharge) Mercury lamp, the shell is a quartz glass tube or through short wave uv glass tube, filled with low pressure inert gas and mercury vapor ( A small amount of mercury) , both ends of metal cold or hot filament electrode electrode, through to the poles and high pressure ( Like neon lights) (or the trigger high-pressure by low voltage Like fluorescent lamp) Maintain the discharge, produced in 253. Mainly 7 nm ultraviolet sterilization effect. At present, the domestic use of ultraviolet disinfection lamps and lanterns with high radiation intensity, greater distances disinfection sterilization effect. Q: can go to a peculiar smell? A: rainy day clothes have mildew is often difficult to do, but to buy drying wardrobe function, can be drying and there would be no peculiar smell; 2 natural dry clothes smell, can try try blowing as you once, such peculiar smell can also eliminate, it is time to spend more; 3 if the clothes to dry and peculiar smell, the use of ultraviolet germicidal lamp elimination can go in addition to the clothes of musty, should choose good uv germicidal lamp, but also should pay attention to when using, and the plants and animals need to leave the room, his eyes don't look shiny tubes. Q: irradiation has peculiar smell is influential to the body? A: the lamp is open to people hurt is very big, it is easy to kill cells in the body. It produces the smell is the smell of the radiation sterilization, after is harmless, advised less contact as well. Q: can you tell me the indoor use has a smell? Answer: , is to use ultraviolet light to kill bacteria including breeding, buds, mycobacterium, corona viruses, fungi, such as rickettsia and chlamydia, all surfaces contaminated with the virus, water and air, all can use ultraviolet disinfection. Four, ask: can smell in the car use odor removal? Answer: use is faulty, inside the car is likely to be insects or mice after the death of, or the smell of the plant after the metamorphic. Cleaning air conditioning air inlet channel, generally can be done. If there is peculiar smell, it is recommended that the whole vehicle cleaning, chair of what are torn down, wash again, is ok. Five: q: why the ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp after disinfection will have a strange smell in the room? Answer: the production of ozone is generally due to oxygen by short-wave ultraviolet light ( Especially below 200 nm wavelength) And broken down into free oxygen, and then combine with oxygen molecules and produce ozone. 25 & ndash; 5 PPM, weaker eyesight, alveolar diffusion function decreased significantly, the occurrence of oxygen; Reaches 1 & ndash; 2 PPM, such as repeated exposure, leading to emphysema, 5 & ndash; 10 PPM, body pain, and presents the anesthesia, such as continuous exposure will cause emphysema. Ozone also has great harm to the plant tissue, as its concentration increases, the effect time is long, can cause serious victims ornamental trees and shrubs and even death. And give priority to with ozone photochemical oxidants long-term harm to human body, mainly damage body membrane ( Includes a variety of tissues and cell membrane) , make the heart function recession, oxidation of elastic fiber in the fiber protein molecules to harden or lose elasticity, thus make the skin wrinkles, blood lose elasticity, hardening of the arteries, the bone glue protein fiber harden, bones become fragile, easy to fracture, alveolar between elastic fiber loses elasticity, cause emphysema, etc. Over time, makes the body premature aging, shorten service life. The consequences are serious. So you have to be very attention, the most vulnerable is in your eyes, is also difficult to restore, to protect yourself, use in the correct method. Above is the small make up a simple list of for everyone some questions and answers, you can refer to learn about. The hope can help you; Need to consult more about the problem of can continue to pay attention to our updated in real time.
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