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Ultraviolet disinfection lamp burns skin contingency plans?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-03-30
A, burned eyes? Ultraviolet disinfection lamp now already entered People's Daily life, if not be hurt, it is necessary to scientific study the basic knowledge of and its principle and harm. If there is no protective consciousness, ultraviolet disinfection burns very easily. The skin by ultraviolet lamp irradiation intensity, light will appear the redness, itching, peeling; The person that weigh may have cancer. Its injury to the eye damage is very strong, if inadvertently cause conjunctiva, keratitis, intensity of long-term exposure can lead to other eye diseases. If the time is not long as only one there won't be too serious consequences, can use the medicine of protecting our eyes, don't infected. Long-term illuminate will have great influence to the body, by its eyes and skin aging easily. If the exposure time is not long not darker skin, eyes didn't see the light tears, redness and swelling, pain, don't worry too much about, should be ok. Second, by skin peel? If not careful the skin by irradiation due to the effect of ultraviolet (uv) light can cause skin on the surface of cell death, serious can make the skin peeling. If appear this kind of phenomenon should have more compensatory nutrition, eat food containing more collagen, promote skin metabolism and synthesis of new cells, can apply some of erythromycin ointment, reduce skin irritation. If exposure to must be protective measures, to pay special attention to is: if the skin for a long time exposure under ultraviolet light, not tight skin desquamate, what is more serious is that will have the risk of skin cancer without treatment, the new cells grow out natural repair is best. However, later can't take it again. Three, skin harm to human body? But if the exposure time is too long exposure to ultraviolet ray can produce harm to the body, especially the damage to the eyes. Ultraviolet radiation, the skin can cause vasodilation, erythema, excessive exposure can produce diffuse erythema, and can form blisters and edema, long-term excessive exposure can make the skin is dry, loss of elasticity and accelerated aging. Mentioned in the book of the harm of is described: by ultraviolet light skin is damaged, can lead to abnormal blood, serious when they have cancer may, after a long time by the ultraviolet radiation, it may lead to skin cancer in the future. Four, after to skin to become black will restore? Solution: after to skin to become black can recover. This and ultraviolet outside black is the same reason, as long as pay attention to sun after repair, or can be restored first to choose specifically for sunburnt repair of skin care products; Then pay attention to the usual hydrating work, after facial cleaning in the morning, apply toner, essence, eye cream, emulsion, go out with isolation is prevented bask in a product; Night can do a hydrating mask twice a week, usually don't do face film, after cleaning, and skin care steps in the morning, you can go to bed. Then the good life habit, drink water more, eat more fruits and vegetables, eat more vitamin C, vitamin A, C, E, slowly turned white. Five, by household burned skin repair products? 1, such as skin inadvertently used burned, lavender and tea tree can use small area are available ( Face it is best not to use) , the other must be used and base oil is tie-in, suggest use rose and lavender or jasmine, rose and jasmine has super moisturizing effect, lavender has a very good repair effect, now your skin is very fragile, suggest you at an early stage and base oil with lower the concentration when using, can increase the concentration of essential oils. 2, strengthen filling water. Whether inside or outside the tonic. More water. As far as possible don't in the sun. Also can buy some mild sunburnt skin care products. Overall this is a long-term project is not a day two days can see the effect. , six, burned after emergency treatment methods: & diams; Ultraviolet disinfection lamp level 1 sunburn: fever, slight redness repair suggestion: apply to face or using sedative effects of cologne spray. Cool in the fridge after the make up water, is a good tool to apply face. In addition, studies have shown that drinking water can make the skin cells to keep enough water and soft, delicate, luster and elastic. Boiled water to cool naturally to 20 ℃ - 25 ℃, the cohesion of water increases, more closely between molecules, there is a big & other; Affinity & throughout; , more easily penetrate into skin, let skin to appear soft beautiful. ♦ Ultraviolet disinfection lamp 2 levels of sunburn: redness, itching, peeling repair advice: as soon as possible from the sun environment, with cold water cleansing calm. From sunburn and heat preservation ability under the long, dry skin, only with strong water is not enough, can use moisturizing lotion, while improve skin insulation ability, also can improve the skin dry state. If dead skin after sun accumulation of skin, the skin will appear mottled light color. Be careful not to erase this exposure to the layer of dead skin, should keep the face moist, coated with lotion does not contain spices, to dissolve dead skin drying, lower roughness and flake skin conditions. ♦ uv sterilizer lamp level 3: sunburn facial redness and swelling, pain, repair advice: this is already close to scald of severe burns. The only way is to ice compress, don't put any other things, with gauze with ice water constantly apply to face, make the skin feel cool. Best to go to the hospital treatment immediately, when after the acute phase, should be long-term adjustable rational repair period of treatment for the beauty parlor.
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