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Ultraviolet disinfection lamp background and using method

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-05-08
In the early human use of the purple light part of the tradition of sterilization. In domestic science and technology workers elaborate research of the purple line has 200 years of history, since the German heraeus's Dr. Create a purple line germicidal lamp, purple line sterilization wonderful skill in the scope of more and more get more throughout the use of points is in the atmosphere of sterilization, the object table point of sterilization, water for sterilization side point. 紫中线消毒的科学叙理:主要感染于微生物的DNA,破坏DNA规划,使之失繁殖战自尔复制的成效从而达到杀菌消毒的目的。 Purple line sterilization possesses the advantages of colorless legacy witty without chemicals, once the scope of water to deal with more and more instead of the traditional chlorine, bleaching powder sterilization technology. Since 1982, Canada for back factory with purple center line of the theory of water first, the United States, Europe, India had throughout the recovery of the wonderful technology. ‍ now, the domestic use of purple line disinfection lamps have irradiation intensity, greater distances disinfection sterilization effect. When using, must be in the condition of no use, guard against many wars to the naked eye skin with constant exposure. To guard against the purple line to elaborate the damage of human body, first of all should guard against the summer noon sun, between 11 am to 3 PM should just watch out for fixed, should be used in a sunscreen to protect skin to taste, sun hat, sunglasses, umbrella protective equipment, etc. In the use of purple line light antivirus, should stop the presence of someone to avoid fruit purple line direct illuminate to the eye skin injuries. Purple line without penetrating, linear transmission, there are three big sterilization blind area: 1, can only give objects, Food) The above-mentioned point sterilization, no, no and point to the objects in the table below sterilization; 2, object of multiple overlapping, no, no and give objects overlap table some sterilization; 3, can only give object table in some sterilization, no, no and objects to the central sterilization. Syria was purple line ( There is no visible light) Irradiation is not to place no g and sterilization infection.
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