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Ultraviolet disinfection lamp and mosquito lamp?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-04-05
Speaking of and mosquito lamp, I think we should not strange, because they have entered our daily life, it is indispensable in our family and home appliances, bright moon come today with everybody to know about the and mosquito lamp is the difference? Together we look down; A, the characteristics of : , is to use ultraviolet light to kill include bacteria breeding, buds, mycobacterium, corona viruses, fungi, such as rickettsia and chlamydia, all surfaces contaminated with the virus, water and air, all can use ultraviolet disinfection. Second, mosquito lamp principle features: mosquito lamp consists of , fan, high voltage electrical network, circuit controller and relevant frame structure. Mosquito lamp is according to the hobby of mosquito, the habits of carbon dioxide gas, very bright light, like the wind multimode comprehensive physical mosquito 1, after electrify decompose harmful gases in the air the ultraviolet radiation from the micro carbon dioxide to lure mosquitoes. 2, the light is also a big temptation for mosquitoes. 3, produce wind fan, mosquitoes have the wind and habits, combined with uv decomposition of carbon dioxide gas in the wind blow out, more big allure of mosquitoes. Mosquito after entering the mosquito lamp in the fan mosquito indoor storage, by the high voltage electric shock to death, no high voltage electric network will be fan air drying and die. Third, mosquito lamp, purple lamp with be one and the same? Not, purple is not sterilization, purple tubes mosquito is according to the principle of the life of a mosquito lure mosquitoes to mosquito lamp, touch the perimeter of the rail network, electric mosquito to death, have nothing to do with uv germicidal lamp is not the same thing. Purple light is visible light, use the phototaxis of insects, like most insects fly to purple light, and therefore can purple light trapping insects, no harm to people. Ultraviolet radiation is visible light, have a role to most organisms, generally used for sterilization, cannot illuminate people's skin and eyes. Four, and what is the difference between uv mosquito lamp? Ultraviolet disinfection lamp and mosquito lamp or differentiated, ultraviolet lamp is used for air disinfection sterilization, disinfection, water surfaces, and the ultraviolet lamp is cannot illuminate the human body at work, because the ultraviolet radiation from the ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp will hurt people's eyes and skin. Pest mosquito lamp is in order to make more interest, with a black light and fluorescent light source, basic synthesis a widened mixed spectrum of wavelengths, mosquito lamp light after a special ultraviolet light, the wavelength for 365. 0 nm wavelengths, using mosquito phototaxis characteristic of light sensitive, this band can lure flies and other insects, again through the special device to kill it. Five, can you tell me the mosquito lamp and ? Certainly is not the same, mosquito lamp just send violet light, is visible to the human eye, basic is harmless to the body, , launch is ultraviolet (uv) light, often illuminate is harmful to human body, to eyes and skin is bad, can cause cataracts and skin cancer. Synthesis is the bright moon above summary of and mosquito lamp difference between some elaborate introduction, hope can help to you.
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