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Ultraviolet allergy cure? Treatments have?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-04-08
For most people, especially girls, uv skin allergy is a let a person very headache thing. Therefore usually pay attention to do a good job of daily maintenance of the skin, reduce the damage to the skin stimulation, avoid dry skin and cause irritation. Some people say that ultraviolet allergy cure? Come here with me, please understand; A, ultraviolet allergy cure? Generally ultraviolet allergy is no cure, only more conditioning in daily life, can more effectively prevent ultraviolet ray will cause skin disease. Should pay attention to rest more, and the proper exercise, eat more a few allergy kind food, avoid excessive intake of food containing artificial additives, eat less Fried and spicy are prone to heat the reaction such as food, to alleviate the stimulation to the skin. In addition, during the period of skin allergy can't use hand to scratch, this will lead to local skin surface temperature is too high, emit more allergic source in the blood, cause skin disease is more and more worse. Should pay attention to during skin allergy to restore the skin clean, do not use cosmetics, only keep skin refreshing and breathe freely, to relieve allergy symptoms. To go out in the summer, had better use sunscreen, isolate the ultraviolet ray can achieve the effect of intrusion, plus reasonable hydrating, skin will slowly back to health. Second, the ultraviolet allergy cure have? Ultraviolet ray, I think a lot of people, its harm to many people all know, especially women more avoidance and hide it. Because ultraviolet harm the skin is the number one killer. The following lists several ultraviolet allergy treatment, we see together; 1, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, is used to maintain the normal function of the skin, but to a few contain the food with much light sensitive material, such as xi Yang plants, should eat less or even do not eat, for some easy to cause allergic to stay away from food, had better go to hospital for a check-up, look at your allergic to anything, so can avoid allergy happened in our daily life. 2, had a past history of patients, apply an appropriate amount of sunscreen in uv strong, protect skin from the various wavelengths light damage, should also be prepared to prevent bask in when going out. In addition, do not use cosmetics containing more than light sensitive material and alkaline soap, inferior towel on the skin to stimulate large items. 3, for ultraviolet allergy medication had better be to combine traditional Chinese and western medicine, heal, western medicine extraterritorial, generally speaking, western medicine allergy medicine can relieve an attack, cannot effect a radical cure ultraviolet allergy, and TCM in qingrejiedu, relieve itching, on the basis of the inside and outside, and can distinguish between different conditions to remedy to the case. Third, how to prevent ultraviolet allergy? Need to pay attention to? 1, do not use cosmetics containing more light material, such as spices, etc. 2, prevent ultraviolet exposure for a long time. When spring outing, usable wide border guard hat or umbrella shade. 3, has a history of seasonal dermatitis, can be appropriately apply sunscreen outside, in order to protect the skin from the damage of various wavelength ultraviolet and visible light. 4, feed more contain the food with vitamin A and fresh vegetables and fruits, in order to maintain the normal function of the skin. To induce dermatitis in spring for some light sensitive material, such as rape, spinach, lettuce, FIG, should try to eat less or not. 5, when washing a face, as far as possible need not hot water, alkaline soap, coarse towels. Above is today an introduction about ultraviolet allergy cure? And treatment methods such as little common sense. The last warm reminder: have the time a facial exercise every day. The method is: five fingers together, hands after micro friction heat, gently massage skin, zygomatic place and nose, ear, 3 - continuously 5 minutes, so as to promote the face blood circulation, make facial skin bright and clean, avoid ultraviolet allergy.
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