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Top Six Common Uses of UV light Fitting

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-02-10

The ultraviolet light is a small band on the electromagnetic spectrum between visible light and X-rays. Sunlight is the largest source of UV light. On the electromagnetic spectrum, UV light is between visible light and X-rays. It has greater energy than normal visible light. There are roughly three types of UV rays, that is, UVA (or near UV), UVB (or middle UV), and UVC (or far UV). 


Too much exposure to UV radiation can cause skin cancer and other diseases. Fortunately, the radiation that comes from the sun is largely prevented from reaching the earth by the ozone layer on the surface of the earth. But the proper use of UV light could bring lots of benefits. Here are 6 common applications of UV light today:


Ultraviolet Light In Substance Analysis and Research


Ultraviolet light has good use in substance analysis. It is widely used in labs to analyze the chemical structure of a compound via color changes. The spectrophotometers, which are rather sensitive to color than the human eye, use UV light fitting to detect and measure the concentration of a designated liquid-form sample. This process is broadly used in chemical and biological plants, water quality control labs, hospitals, as well as the food industry.


UV lights are conducive to the analysis and research of a number of chemical and biological substances. For example, some plant extracts and chemicals can be stained or dyed to make them detectable under UV radiation. 


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Ultraviolet Light Fitting In Tanning


The UV light fitting is widely used in sunbeds to give users a tan. But it is controversial about the safety of this application. 


When your skin is exposed to UV rays, the natural defense mechanism in your body kicks in, producing a pigment called melanin, which absorbs UV light and spreads it as heat. Your body then sends melanin to surrounding cells to prevent burn because of too much heat, which makes your skin darker. 


Properly exposing our skin to sources of UV light is good to our health, as the radiation can stimulate the production of Vitamin D. Vitamin D helps the storage of calcium in the bones and thereby strengthen them. So it is good to get some UV radiation.


Each year, millions of Americans strive for that perfect tan and even spend their hard-earned money to purposefully expose themselves to artificial sources of UV light.


But if you overdo the tanning, you might have a skin cancer risk. So its of great importance to find the optimum amount of exposure. In addition, many tanning stations use artificial UV light sources that are power by gases, such as mercury vapor, which could be another hidden danger.


UVC Germicidal Light In Sterilization and Purification


The UV radiation is a type of dry heat method of sterilization. When bacteria, germs, viruses, and other microbes are exposed to UV light, their DNA could be completed destroyed and deactivated. Thus many UV light lamps or bulbs are widely installed in the home HVAC system and water supply system to disinfect and purify air and water. More and more homes are using UV light air purifier and UV drinking water sterilizer to improve their life quality.


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The UV light can also be used to sterilize surfaces of many things, such as UV sterilizer box for medical instruments. There is also specialized UV sterilizer for water treatment.


UV Light Bulb In Trapping Insects


There are some UV light bulbs for plants. Insect trap instruments used in the garden often come with UV light emitters.


Flying insects are attracted to short wavelength blue and UV black light bulbs. The UV light can produce heat to lure the insects to go into the instruments and then trap them inside. 


UV Light In Photography


UV photography is often used in the medical sector, for forensic purposes, and in photo shootings. Photographers can make full use of UV light to capture patterns in flowers that can be seen by naked eyes, 



Ultraviolet Light In Medical


As mentioned above, too much exposure to UV light is a risk for skin cancer. However, you might not know that UV light can also be well used to treat skin disease. For some skin diseases like psoriasis, the long-time exposure to UV radiation is a better treatment, which is called photo-therapy. In this case, patients can get relief even without using medicines. 


In general, UV photo-therapy is applied along with psoralens that react to UV light. It can help slow the growth of cells of skin lymphoma, psoriasis, eczema, as well as vitiligo.


Newborn babies could have jaundice caused by the breakdown of hemoglobin. This problem can be effectively treated through UV light exposure. Under the UV light, the bilirubin in the skin will be broken down into water-soluble forms and excreted in the urine.


The UV light fitting used for skin treatment is similar to those for tanning, but they are calibrated so that they provide the precise wavelength and amount of radiation, lowering the risk of skin burn.

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