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Today, I will give you an analysis of how long is the best period for nipple disinfection?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-01-08
Analysis of how often the pacifier is best disinfected. As a substitute for the mother's breast, the pacifier is stuffed into the baby's mouth when the baby is crying or sleeping, so that the baby can be quiet, and it can also reduce the burden on mothers. It is really a win-win situation, but now many mothers are struggling with a problem. How to operate the pacifier disinfection best? Analyze how to quickly disinfect and liberate your mother's hands! Is it good to pacifier? In fact, there has always been a debate on the advantages and disadvantages of pacifiers. Many aspects think that using pacifiers for babies is not conducive to the development of baby's teeth, but one thing we need to know is that, even if you don't use a pacifier for your baby, the baby will put his little fist into his mouth. This is a common phenomenon, so some experts have analyzed it, putting your fist into your mouth has basically the same effect on tooth development and pacifier. If you are using a pacifier, you need to pay attention to the period of use, and disinfect the pacifier regularly, because it is what the baby needs, therefore, in terms of safety and health, we must play a spirit of twelve points. Pacifiers are easy to breed bacteria. How long does it take to disinfect and sterilize? What is the best way to disinfect? As for how often the pacifier is disinfected, because the baby's immunity is not high and belongs to a relatively vulnerable group, the pacifier used by the baby should be disinfected once a day, because the baby has to use the pacifier every day, if the disinfection is not thorough enough, the number of disinfection times is too small, causing the baby to have the risk of bacterial infection, therefore, it is recommended that Bao Dabao mothers disinfect the baby's pacifiers every day. However, the current traditional disinfection method has no obvious advantages in many aspects. High-temperature steam disinfection is easy to cause secondary pollution, while disinfection is slow and the effect is not particularly good, the bright moon product has a product that can help the nipple to be completely disinfected, such as the odor disinfection small Magic Box, the fourth generation intelligent fast disinfection cabinet and other products, and it only takes a few tens of seconds to completely complete the disinfection and sterilization! All of the above is about today's 'How long is the best period for everyone to analyze nipple disinfection today? 'All introduction, and for those who don't know or want to know more about products and knowledge, please continue to browse!
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