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To discuss the ultraviolet germicidal lamp is how to use?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-05-01
Under the bright moon, tell us something about how to use? Ultraviolet germicidal lamp radiation space scale problem: a lot of ultraviolet germicidal lamp using unit to ignore the useful space scale of ultraviolet irradiation, only consider and calculate the irradiation plane area. Every space of the disinfection, in addition to the area of elements, have high low, the total space has small size, use the sterilization lamp should calculate the total space cubic choose corresponding power uv germicidal lamp, a 30 w uv germicidal lamp useful sterilization space size should be less than 30 cubic meters, generally thought, each cubic meter of space ultraviolet germicidal lamp power should be greater than 1 1. 5 w, should pay attention to in practice. Uv germicidal lamp hanging interval: using ultraviolet germicidal lamp should pay attention to disinfection objects and irradiation of ultraviolet germicidal lamp interval, namely ultraviolet germicidal lamp ride height should be less than 2. 5 meters, some use unit ultraviolet germicidal lamp ride height is greater than 2. 5 meters, even greater than 3, 4 m. Is inversely proportional to the intensity of ultraviolet irradiation and irradiation interval almost, hanging is too high, will inevitably affect the function of sterilization. Ultraviolet radiation intensity of recession: uv germicidal lamp as an extension of the use of time, the radiation intensity will gradually decline. Through measured in many ways, the general domestic better ultraviolet germicidal lamp use after 5000 hours, ultraviolet germicidal lamp will need to be replaced, the overseas import uv germicidal lamp, the United States imported lightsources ultraviolet germicidal lamp using life can reach 12000 hours or more need to replace the ultraviolet germicidal lamp. Above is the bright moon to talk about is how to use uv germicidal lamp, hope I can help you to understand. Need to consult the can contact us.
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