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Air Purifier

this sleek air purifier destroys pollutants instead of just catching them

by:LiangYueLiang     2019-11-09
Take a deep breath.
From the nose, out of the mouth.
Not very good?
The US Environmental Protection Agency has bad news for you.
Studies of human exposure to air pollutants suggest that indoor air pollution may be two to five times that of outdoor air pollution.
These results are particularly worrying as most people stay indoors for 90% of the day.
Clean air technology company Molekule has developed an air purifier that can not only capture these pollutants, but also decompose them at the molecular level.
The company\'s equipment of the same name uses 1,000 times less light than the traditional one to remove particles.
Air filter (HEPA units)catch.
In that big gulp of air you \'ve just fallen, you may be exposed to any amount of indoor air contaminants, including microscopic organic compounds released from burning fuel, building materials and furniture, and cleaning supplies.
The impact of these compounds on health ranges from highly toxic to completely benign, depending on their chemical composition and the level of exposure of an individual. Long-
According to the National Library of Medicine, long-term exposure puts you at risk of damage to your liver, kidneys and central nervous system.
\"Air quality has always been a forgotten frontier,\" Jaya Rao, co-founder and COO of Molekule, told Business Insider . \".
\"We can do better as technology innovators. \"(Molekule)
Rao\'s father, Yogi Goswami, began developing the technology more than 20 years ago to enable Molekule to work on solar energy at the US Air Force Base.
At home, his son and Jaya\'s brother Dilip Goswami (Molekule, CEO)
Symptoms of weakness caused by asthma and allergies.
Yogis realized that he can apply his research to air purification.
Later, he passed the torch to his children and asked them to continue his work.
The result is a silver tank with low capacity.
Energy, UV light source.
When a particle passes through the device, the light causes a chemical reaction on the surface of the filter, breaking down harmful contaminants into elements for safe breathing. (Molekule)
According to Rao, Molekule completely cycles the air in the room where the equipment is located every 30 minutes.
In the beta she saw most people put it in the bedroom.
Testers say they wake up with fewer headaches and congestion symptoms. It\'s not cheap.
The retail price of Molekule is $799 for booking
While many traditional air purifiers cost less than $499, they cost $100.
Customers can also purchase subscriptions for annual filter replacement for $99 a year.
Rao said you got what you paid.
While typical filters capture particles on a piece of fabric inside the device, \"they don\'t really move the needle,\" Rao said \".
Shesays, HEPA filters store harmful contaminants, which are intended to be completely eliminated by Molekule.
Molekule began shipping in early 2017.
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