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The UV lamp power and cooling of the fan discharge ozone, want how to set up?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-10-08
The choice of the fan according to the power of uv ultraviolet lamp and housing space to determine the actual situation. Ventilation system by air, air ducts, air cover.

general distribution and two wind turbine, wind exhaust way refers to take the lead wind supply air or air supply on the wind, into the air and exhaust air volume should be set up according to certain proportion according to the experimental situation. There are only equipped with a wind fan.

if the fan power is not enough, not enough leads to exhaust air temperature inside the case, lamp life shortened, melt, even also make curing product quality difficult to guarantee; Air volume of fan power if too large, will make the temperature inside the case is too low, the UV lamp can not work at full power, curing is also not easy to dry.

air volume control refers to the uv germicidal lamp curing unit volume should be adjustable. This is because want to consider the summer and winter temperature difference is very big, many factories do not have a constant temperature workshop, so if the uv germicidal lamp curing unit with the same air in winter and summer work will affect the quality of the products. Usually use the method of temperature control to control two fan, reaches a certain temperature is automatically restart a fan, to reach a certain temperature and then start another fan, and shifting is set on the exhaust and the air inlet valve to control the intake and exhaust air volume.

either way, please do not direct the wind blowing on the UV lamp, because the consequences of doing so is to make the UV lamp for the heat loss is too big and not the power to work ( Light from white to not dazzling blue) , make UV coating can't completely dry.
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