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The uv lamp model?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-03-25
Speaking of ultraviolet lamp type, different product specifications, models are different, very diverse, different specifications, usage is different also, so small make up today and everyone to learn about the specific types and parameters of the uv lamp; A, uv lamp model how cent? Uv lamp models as if, in accordance with the wavelength points: divided into short wave, medium wave, long spread medium wave and long wave hybrid; If according to the working principle of the light source points: heat source and cold light source; Now there are CCFL and leds. Second, the ultraviolet lamp tube type? Actually, uv lamp is the important component of production ultraviolet aging test chamber, according to the different USES and different wavelength. All each uv lamp has its own lamp holder model, import the Q - LAB of ultraviolet lamp type general printing in the tube side of the head, so we often see in ultraviolet lamp head T5, T8, T10, etc. Then the wording, T5, T8, T10, what does it mean? Due to the worldwide manufacturer of uv lamp is very much, customers differ in thousands ways, if not uniform interface is hard to buy regular standard products, thus unified by T interface, use of the specifications of the ultraviolet lamp tube diameter thickness. A T is said the diameter of the tube was 1/8 of an inch ( 1 inch = 25. 4mm) And so on other: 1, 12 T4 diameter. 7 mm 2 3, T8 and T5 diameter 16 mm diameter of 25. 4, T9 4 mm diameter 28. 5, and 6 mm diameter of T10 31. The import of UVA - 8 mm general company 340 uv lamp socket model is generally T10 or T12, but 365 ultraviolet lamp of models is generally T8 lamp holder. Users in the selection, therefore, tubes, we need to understand the wavelength of the uv lamp, power, pipe diameter, also need to understand customer lamp holder models, namely bulb & other; T” 。 Three, how to identify the ultraviolet ray lamp specifications? Uv lamp long wave, medium wave and short wave ultraviolet lamp. Long wave, medium wave ultraviolet lamp is the main identification standard of phosphor powder coating is: 1, the fluorescent powder coating is uniform, with bulb phosphor coating evenly, no powder for optimal; No obvious red for optimal lighting filament part; 2, when light bulb glow even, without the wavy to optimal; No obvious black tube at both ends for optimal; 3, need professional instrument measuring irradiation intensity is the most optimal. Shortwave ultraviolet lamp without using phosphor lamp mainly identification standard is: 1, the lamp tube wall is transparent, no air bubbles is optimal; No obvious red for optimal lighting filament part; 2, when light bulb glow even, without the wavy to optimal; No obvious black tube at both ends for optimal; 3, need professional instrument measuring irradiation intensity is the most optimal. What are the specifications of four, uv lamp? UV lamp made from high quality pure quartz tube, UV to high degree and the penetration, the arc length/light length by 5 cm to 300 cm, super power UV ultraviolet lamp is in commonly 200 w/cm, common power production specifications for the 200 w / 80 cm, UV lamp spectral range in 350 - 450 nm, the main peaks at 365 nm. Five, there are several kinds of uv lamp, what does it do? As several different types of uv lamp can be applied to different fields, such as: UVA - QUV test instrument of UVA - 340 tubes 340 tubes can provide the best sunlight simulation spectra, the critical wavelength range from 365 nm to sunlight cutoff wavelength of 295 nanometers. UVA- 351 tubes QUV tester & rsquo; UVA - 351 sunlight ultraviolet part of the tube can be simulated through the glass. Material testing indoor application, it is used to reproduce in a window near some ink in the environment and the damage of the polymer. UVB - UVB QUV test instrument - 313 tubes 313 tubes maximize the than usually appears in the earth's surface far better uv short-wave ultraviolet light. For some of the material, the tube may produce false precise results. UVB - 313 tubes are best used in quality control and r&d applications, or for testing of very durable material. 八强, Also known as the FS - 40 tubes 40 or F40UVB, which is the original QUV tubes. FS - 40 tubes are still used in traditional car test method. 八强, 40 tubes should be used only for QUV/basic type tester. Sixth, the length of specification of the T5 uv lamp? The length of the T5 tube's power is? T5 uv lamp is light pipe diameter: T5 diameter = T * 5/8 = 25. 4 * 5/8 = 16 mm T5 tube light, The length of power) 1200 mm long, 900 mm long, 21, 28 w w 300 mm 600 mm long 14 w eight w1200mm long 600 mm 900 mm long, 21, 28 w w 14 w 300 mm long 8 wt5 uv lamp is fluorescent lamp ( Fluorescent lamp, light tubes, fluorescent tubes) A 5/8 inch diameter, diameter of about 16 mm, is a kind of low pressure gas discharge lamp.
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