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The use of ultraviolet disinfection lamp method and matters needing attention

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-10-09
Use method and matters needing attention of ultraviolet disinfection lamp uv disinfection lamp, is to use ultraviolet light to kill bacteria including breeding, buds, mycobacterium, corona viruses, fungi, such as rickettsia and chlamydia, all surfaces contaminated with the virus, water and air, all can use ultraviolet disinfection. Using considerations are as follows: 1, uv lamp ride height. Should be vertical suspension, 2 - off the ground 2. 5 meters. 2, the scope of the ultraviolet lamp, germicidal ultraviolet lamp inside line is c waves, whose wavelength range is 200 - 270 nm, sterilization of center wavelength for 253. 7nm。 In the case of uv intensity and irradiation time is enough, can kill all the microorganisms. However, ultraviolet penetration is very weak, the irradiation intensity and is inversely proportional to the square of the distance, and only in the irradiation on the surface of the can play a role of sterilization. At present our country now
the kinds of production which are the main types: power in 15 w, 20 w, 30 w, 40 w currently we use most is 30 w uv lamp, requirement is per cubic meter area of 1. 5w。 3, each uv lamp tubes cumulative time is 1000 hours, more than 1000 hours, should be timely replacement of the new. The new change to indicate the change of time, and the accumulated use of time. 4, uv lamp, in use process should be kept clean on the surface of the ultraviolet lamp, generally every two weeks with alcohol sponge polishing the try again, found a gray layer, oil tube surface, shall, from time to time, polishing the try. 5, ultraviolet disinfection technology with other technologies incomparable the sterilization efficiency. The sterilization efficiency can reach 99% 99. 9%. The traditional chemical disinfection methods to achieve such as chlorine, ozone ultraviolet bactericidal effect of C generally takes 30 minutes to
1 hours. After the disinfection must remember more than 30 minutes a window ventilated, or harmful to health.
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