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The use of the uv lamp?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-03-26
Uv lamp is often used in our daily life to carry out disinfection sterilization, may have a lot of friends don't know how to use the uv lamp, its operation process is what kind of? Bright moon today with everyone together to discuss the use of ultraviolet lamp method and the matters needing attention. See together; A, the use of ultraviolet lamp method operation process: 1, press the uv lamp power button to start the remote control, voice prompt uv have harm to the human eye, please stay away from. The use of household ultraviolet lamp. 2, and the choice of antivirus time. Each kind of microorganism has its specific uv to kill, death standard doses, the dosage is the product of the radiation intensity and irradiation time ( Sterilization dose irradiation intensity irradiation time/K = = It) That ultraviolet irradiation dose depends on the intensity of the ultraviolet (uv) size and the length of the irradiation time, high strength and low strength of short time long time exposure of its effect is the same. According to their own disinfection purposes and objectives, please carefully choose time, average household disinfection recommended for 5 minutes, household use method of ultraviolet lamp. 3, staff leave the scene, and a half minutes to start antivirus. Then researchers into 4, after the scheduled time of avoid by all means automatic voice prompt and stop the anti-virus. Second, the correct way of using the ultraviolet lamp; Scope of application of ultraviolet lamp is used for indoor air and on the surface of the object and disinfection of water and other liquids. Uv light is to eliminate pathogenic microorganism in the external environment, cut off the spread of infectious diseases, disrupt the spread of disease, so as to achieve the purpose of protection of human health. uv sterilizer lamp, it is mainly used for air disinfection. 1, the ultraviolet lamp ride height. From the ground should be vertical suspension, 2-2. 5 meters. 2, the scope of the ultraviolet lamp, germicidal ultraviolet lamp inside line is c wave, the wavelength range of 200-270 nm, sterilization of center wavelength for 253. 7nm。 In the case of uv intensity and irradiation time is enough, can kill all the microorganisms. However, ultraviolet penetration is very weak, the irradiation intensity and is inversely proportional to the square of the distance, and only in the irradiation on the surface of the can play a role of sterilization. At present our country is now the main production include these: power in 15 w, 20 w, 30 w, 40 w currently we use most is 30 w uv lamp, requirement is per cubic meter area of 1. 5瓦的氩离子。 3, each uv lamp tubes cumulative time is 1000 hours, more than 1000 hours, should be timely replacement of the new. The new change to indicate the change of time, and the accumulated use of time. 4, in the process of ultraviolet lamp used, should be kept clean on the surface of the ultraviolet lamp, usually once every two weeks, with alcohol cotton ball wiping, found the tube surface dust, grease, shall, from time to time to wipe. 5, ultraviolet light disinfection time should be 30 to 60 minutes at a time. So to grasp the method of problems and use, correct installation and use of ultraviolet lamp, to eliminate or reduce the influence factors of ultraviolet light disinfection. 6, when used in the therapy of mesa disinfection, ultraviolet lamp should be placed on mesa 1 m above 7, when disease indoor humidity, should be appropriately extended irradiation time 8, used in indoor air disinfection ultraviolet lamp, can install suction a top three, uv lamp wrong method of use: 1, press the uv lamp power button to start the remote control, voice prompt uv have harm to the human eye, not far from them. 2, use ultraviolet lamp, sterile room may not be someone indoors; Can't leave the hospital, should be appropriate to cover. 3, ultraviolet light in use process, don't keep the lamp on the surface of clean, don't brush try! When disease indoor humidity, should be appropriate to shorten the irradiation time. Four, the use of ultraviolet lamp notice: 1. Uv lamp use after a period of time could gradually aging, ultraviolet radiation intensity will recession, in order to reach the effect of disinfection, should be regular inspection of quartz lamp irradiation intensity, found insufficient strength should be replaced immediately. 2. Ultraviolet rays can only be transmitted along a straight line, penetrating ability is weak, any piece of paper, lead glass, plastic, illuminate intensity will be greatly reduced. So as far as possible when disinfection should be fully exposed to ultraviolet light disinfection parts, wipe bulbs regularly, lest affect uv transmittance and light intensity. 3. Ultraviolet radiation to human body skin can produce a lot of damage, do not use a part-time uv ultraviolet lamp in some places, more don't use eyes lighted uv lamp, due to the short wave ultraviolet ray can't through the common glass, so the glasses can avoid injury to the eye. 4, your family's health should not be ignored, choose ultraviolet lamp antivirus equipment more contrast, learn more. More choice and knowledge resources, please.
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