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The time and suitable area of 40w ultraviolet disinfection lamp?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-03-04

The longer the disinfection time of the ultraviolet disinfection lamp, the more favorable it is to kill bacteria, but if it is irradiated for too long, the lower the efficiency will be in the later stage, and the second is that the ultraviolet light will also have adverse effects on other articles, therefore, the irradiation time is OK to meet the sterilization requirements. So today, let's discuss and understand the time and suitable area of the 40w ultraviolet disinfection lamp; First, how many square meters can the ultraviolet disinfection lamp 40w manage? In general, if a 5-meter-wide room has two lights side by side, the corridor width and an ultraviolet disinfection lamp. The height of the lamp is half a meter to 1 meter above the head. The length of the lamp tube direction is about 3 meters. Ultraviolet disinfection can achieve good results, if in conjunction with some spray disinfection, the effect is better. Second, ultraviolet disinfection lamp, 40 watts a how large area? 1. This depends on which aspect you use. If you hoist the UV lamp per cubic meter of space, the wattage is greater than or equal to 1. 5 W, 40W divided by 1. 5W can cover about 26 cubic meters of space. The suspension height is generally 2 meters from the ground-2. 3 meters, can be distributed indoors. If it is the Infirmary, it should be not less than 1 per cubic meter. For standard installation of 5 W, it is recommended that bedrooms and other functional rooms be installed according to the standard of installing a 40-watt ultraviolet disinfection lamp tube every 10 square meters on the ground. The switch of the ultraviolet disinfection lamp should be installed separately. It is recommended to install a switch on each layer to ensure safe use. 2. Generally, a 40-watt ultraviolet lamp tube is installed in every 12 cubic meters of space indoors. When the intensity of the ultraviolet disinfection lamp tube is measured at a distance of 1 meter and the power is greater than 90 milliwatts, irradiation for 30 minutes can meet the basic requirements of sterilization. If the luminous intensity of the lamp is not enough, an appropriate delay is possible, but a new lamp should be replaced according to regulations. Because ultraviolet rays mainly disinfect the air and the surface of objects, attention should also be paid to opening the doors of the indoor kitchen and cabinet to facilitate disinfection of the internal air. Three, 40w UV disinfection lamp in 15 ㎡ room disinfection, how long does it take? Generally, it takes 30 minutes to 1 hour. It is recommended to use a 30-watt UV disinfection lamp for indoor use. Generally not 15-Set one for 18 square meters. Four, 38 w- How big is the 40 w uv disinfection lamp suitable? General recommendations at 10-15 square meters of room with 30-About 40 w uv disinfection lamp is OK. Five, 60 square meters room installation of ultraviolet disinfection lamps need several generally have 38W and 60 W. The ultraviolet disinfection lamp can only be disinfected on the irradiated items, so it is not clear whether you want to use a disinfection lamp to disinfect all of them, or according to the disinfection of the room, living room and kitchen. Generally, it is disinfected in one room. If your room is already 60 square meters, you can buy 60 watts. If you don't have it, you can choose 38 W. Now there are disinfection lamps. Six or one ultraviolet disinfection lamp is used in a 40 square room. How long does it take to disinfect? According to the calculation of 40 square meters of indoor, if only one lamp is used, the disinfection time may take a little longer, about one hour. Everyone in the use of ultraviolet disinfection lamp disinfection not only for air and goods sterilization, and it also has many advantages. For example, used for car sterilization, after ultraviolet irradiation disinfection of the interior space, without any odor, the air will become very fresh. Conversion of UV disinfection lamp area: 15W8 Square ( Applicable to taxis, private cars, economical and applicable models, etc); 30W16 Square (Suitable for ambulances, buses, etc); Disinfection time according to the situation, generally 10 ~ 30 minutes is appropriate. The above is the 40 Watt UV disinfection lamp time and room suitable area, the content is for your reference only, I hope to help everyone. For more product knowledge, please pay attention to the real-time update of our official website.

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