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The structure of the UV sterilizer

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-10-07
The structure of the UV sterilizer UV lamp and UV disinfector are used together, they are placed within the UV sterilizer, sterilization. UV disinfection law has not increase water smell and taste, not adding chemical agents, does not produce toxic or harmful by-products, disinfection speed, high efficiency, simple operation and convenient for operation and management and automation, and many other advantages, is widely used gradually for many years. We have two kinds of common structure form.

1, closed system. With a metal cylinder and casing of the UV lamp with quartz in the disinfection of water seal, cylinder commonly used stainless steel or aluminum alloy manufacture, the lining more make polishing processing in order to improve the ability for ultraviolet reflex and enhanced radiation intensity, also can be adjusted according to the size of the processing of water the amount of UV lamp. Microbes attached full exposure to uv radiation, increase the sterilization efficiency.
2, open system. Place the plus concentric circles quartz sleeve UV lamp in the water, water flows from quartz casing around, when the UV lamp ( Group) Need to be replaced, use lifting equipment operated up to face it. The structure is complicated, but ultraviolet radiation energy utilization ratio is high, the sterilization effect is good and easy to maintenance. The request is not high degree of automation of the system
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