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The strength of the medical ultraviolet germicidal lamp how to detect it

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-05-22
Using medical ultraviolet germicidal lamp intensity detector testing regularly, because ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp with an extension of the use of time, irradiation intensity will gradually decayed. Not only that, such as the illuminate of ultraviolet irradiation intensity alone long enough to reach the effect of disinfection is a kind of misunderstanding, short-wave UVC ultraviolet together for a long time in contact with human body, is the adverse effect will happen. Through measured in many ways, quartz tubes used after 1000 hours, at the rate of less than 20%, and high boron tubes used after 200 hours, at the rate of greater than 30%, combined with high boron tube itself irradiation intensity is less than 70 uw/cm2, and therefore should choose quartz ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp use. The characteristics of the quartz ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp, mainly irradiation intensity is high, decayed slower. Quartz tube material is made of natural crystal, transparent purple rate is above 80%, and high boron glass through lack of purple rate 50%, through the purple rate is low, low irradiation intensity. UVC band in 253. 7 nm wavelength of ultraviolet radiation on human skin may cause cancer, ultraviolet radiation sterilization force is beginning from 1877 is known. Used for this use is the most effective wavelength resonance happened by mercury 253. 7nm。 It will be absorbed a large number of proteins, especially DNA. Therefore, the low pressure mercury lamp has been used for decades to eliminate a number of types of organic matter content in the indoor air. A when found UVC will cause damage to skin and eyes, has many constraints is formulated, in case of occupational exposure in its environment. Used for ultraviolet radiation sterilization force, the constraint is in the strength of 0. 1 the uw/cm2, must not be exposed to surpass seven hours a day. In recent years, follow the add of tuberculosis infection, indoor air disinfection again aroused our interest. Human skin for 253. Minimum 7 nm wavelength UVC ultraviolet sensitivity is 4 mj/cm2 ( Average) The day may have exposure to five hours a day, and the amount of about 1. 8 mj/cm2, and less than 1/2 MED. Whether there is a problem with that skin long-term exposure under such amount, probability of occurrence can add skin cancer. There are a lot of animal experiments course discussion carcinogenic effects or ultraviolet radiation sterilization. Excessive exposure to uv rays can burn the skin or cause age-related cataract, and even cause skin cancer, etc. But the amount of ultraviolet radiation to the human body has a lot of benefits. Above is the bright moon to talk about medical ultraviolet germicidal lamp how to detect its strength, we can understand and have a look. Need to consult the can contact us.
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