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The sterilization lamp - 'Sterilization' or 'kill alga'

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-10-01
The sterilization lamp - 'Sterilization' or 'kill alga' uv germicidal lamp, as the weather is hot, the sun, a lot of friends home aquarium fish long algae. This is a very headache, because long algae will need sterilization lamp, but the sterilization lamp will kill nitrifying bacteria. Estimated at this time a lot of fish friends began to struggle? In order to reduce the tangle of you, there is a article about the sterilization lamp, hope can help you. The principle of sterilization lamp: germicidal lamp is actually belongs to a kind of low pressure mercury lamp. Principle is to use low mercury vapor pressure ( < 10 - 2Pa) Be intensified and emit ultraviolet light, its hair spectral line mainly have two: one is 253. 7 nm wavelength; Another is 185 nm wavelength, and the two are invisible to the naked eye of ultraviolet light. Germicidal lamp: the effect of ultraviolet photon energy is absorbed by the base pairs of DNA, cause the genetic material variation, the bacteria died instantly or cannot reproduce, achieve the purpose of sterilization. Efficiency: to remove algae in the sterilization lamp sterilization lamp mainly to prevent the growth of algae, depressing part of harmful bacteria, nitrifying bacteria for most will not. Nitrifying bacteria and germicidal lamp use won't broken, will only kill some harmful bacteria and harmful harmless bacteria will finally have some. Germicidal lamp is mainly to prevent the growth of algae, killing algae spore will more. To control the microbial overgrowth in the water is very effective, usually 1 - 2 days can kill microorganisms in water. And less damage to nitration system, especially in the biological turbidness outbreak period water sterilization effect is very obvious, is especially effective in dealing with algae. Sterilization will not kill the nitrifying bacteria: actually the sterilization lamp can kill bacteria, are no flagella and nitrifying bacteria with flagella and no flagella. Much have flagella nitrifying bacteria attached on the filter material, filter cotton, germicidal lamp can be free in the water of nitrifying bacteria without flagella kill. Nitrifying bacteria without flagella rarely use to water treatment, does not decompose toxic substances; Nitrifying bacteria with flagella reserves in all kinds of filter material, continue to maintain the water quality environment. It is because of its flagellum attached, so we will put the filter material, is conducive to the reproduction and growth of nitrifying bacteria. Related products: ultraviolet germicidal lamp
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