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The sterilization lamp installation and test

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-10-01
Germicidal lamp installation and testing of the ultraviolet sterilization lamp to use measurement for the measurement of the ultraviolet uv dedicated instruments - - - Uv irradiance meter, uv lamp placed when testing, the ultraviolet irradiance meter probe on a meters beneath the vertical distance from the center of tube, and blocking the stray light. Ultraviolet germicidal lamp need to open a period of time, after waiting for its light stability measurement data more reference. General ultraviolet irradiation meter by measuring a display and a detector ( The probe) In two parts, considering the measuring probe need to placed in the vertical of the light source below 1 m, the new LS126C ultraviolet irradiation meter probe is placed inside the small strong magnets, convenient measuring probe is fixed, in the process of as long as in the corresponding position to place the magnet can absorb metal objects, can be firmly fixed detector, then they can be tested easily. Ultraviolet germicidal lamps emit ultraviolet light is a kind of invisible light, 253. 7 nm wavelength can have very good sterilization effect, this is because the cells of light absorption lines there is a rule, in 230 ~ 280 nm uv absorption, the largest absorbed the ultraviolet ray in fact function in cell genetic material or DNA, it plays a allochromatic. When using the germicidal lamp pay attention to the personal safety: due to ultraviolet rays can kill cells, so when ultraviolet disinfection note can't direct illuminate to hurt people's skin. Uv sterilizer should be accumulated with time prompt function and the intensity of alarm function, so as to remind users timely replacement of uv lamp.
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