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The seven reasons of ultraviolet germicidal lamp black

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-05-11
There are several kinds of uv germicidal lamp black phenomenon, have a plenty of use at the black, have a plenty of in use after a period of time grow black tube, have a plenty of circular black circle, have a plenty of cold end black, have a plenty of tube wall. And over time, black phenomenon more and more obvious. Technical personnel by the company of the donghai county bright moon analysis found that black tube of the following reasons: 1, containing impurities inside the tubes production ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp of mercury is contained in raw material, before mercury not completely evaporate, it exists in tubes in granular form, other metals contained in raw materials like dirt adhere to the lamp tube wall, from a distance, the black tube ( Black ring) , especially in some transparent tubes, generally belongs to the normal phenomenon, has nothing to do with the lamp life and photosynthetic efficiency, can be at ease use. 2, mercury was attached to the lamp will go out after mercury around because of the sudden cooling condensation, and coagulation in the cold side features ( Close to the air conditioning condensation of particularly severe) , because of mercury repeated evaporation condensation and traces of mercury pollution ( The cold end black) , is a normal phenomenon, can be at ease use. Amounts of 3, frequent switch, power supply in use process error is large. 4, ballast preheating current is too big lead to black tube overheating. 5, lamp starting voltage is too high, or electronic ballast preheat time is insufficient, lead to black tubes use after a period of time. If, in the process of production, heated baking process, such as exhaust smoke is not perfect, the residual hydrogen, residual hydrogen metamorphism result in black (with mercury The wall yellow and black) mainly 。 New lamp if encountered when using this kind of circumstance is bad tubes, cannot use. 7, the new lamp black a bit from the start the new lamp or useless tubes for a long time, once opened after use will have a mass of black gas, mainly mercury vapor, belongs to the normal phenomenon, will slowly disappear, can be at ease use. After watching the above, I hope you can in the use of ultraviolet germicidal lamp when the regular maintenance and maintenance, so that the service life of the sterilization lamp will be extended.
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