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The setting of the uv lamp sterilization time

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-09-27
Ultraviolet light disinfection effect with ultraviolet lamp radiation intensity and radiation dosage were positively correlated, radiation intensity decreased with increasing light distance, dose, and irradiation time is. So the same uv lamp illumination distance and exposure time should be suitable for. 2 meters off the ground 30 w lamp can illuminate 9 square meters room, irradiation 2 - every day During the 3 hours, 30 minutes interval. Tubes from the ground 2 metres away to extend the irradiation time, 2. 5 meters irradiation effect is poorer. Uv lamp irradiation workbench distance should not be more than 1. It is advisable to 5 meters, the irradiation time 30 minutes. Details:

1, the uv lamp is usually used in workshop air disinfection room, time is not less than 30 min.

2 normally, installation height from the ground 1. 9 m or so.

3, due to the effective distance of 1. 9 m or so best bactericidal effect, the role of the space theoretical value for 13. 7 cubic, usually in order to guarantee its effect, every 10 install a cube.

4, after disinfection best lie between 0. 5 h after entering disinfection space, in order to reduce the ozone poison to the human body.

5, use alcohol sponge to wipe clean uv lamp once a week, in order to reduce the influence of the dust of ultraviolet penetration, thus affecting the disinfection effect.

6, good quality quartz uv germicidal lamp accumulated 4000 h after to change in time, can also be in total 4000 h, but has also had better to change when a.

7, if possible, make the disinfection of air inside the space has the certain liquidity, can strengthen the disinfection effect.
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