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The selection of ultraviolet lamp

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-10-10
Water treatment, uv lamp, mainly used for disinfection sterilization, on the principle and method of ultraviolet sterilization decades ago is accepted by the industry. In Europe and the United States, ultraviolet disinfection technology is a kind of universal technology. At home, in the ninety s introduction of the technology. More than a decade, ultraviolet radiation sterilization is a kind of 'high-tech products' by efforts to market, however, from the point of the current situation, ultraviolet disinfection products has not gained popularity in the water treatment.

quality of domestic production of uv lamp ( Mainly reflected in life) Bad, is a major cause of such products is not popular. Industry, water treatment equipment is usually 7 * 24 hours work mode, it have some request for the life of the bulb, but domestic ultraviolet lamp life expectancy - in 1000 2000 hours, and defective rate, high failure rate. If it is for the air disinfection, ultraviolet lamp can change at any time, but in water treatment, broken a tube, usually will affect the whole equipment, systems, and may even affect the other water supply system and the user. So choose good uv lamp is particularly important.

uv sterilizer can not spread and there is another important reason, that is uv sterilizer structural design problems. Ultraviolet (uv) in the water penetration is generally related to water quality and the tube strength, continuous sterilization intensity can be timely and effective interception popular and inhibit the growth of algae, fungi and the intensity of domestic tubes can seldom guarantee sterilization of sustainability.
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