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The selection and use of fish bowls ultraviolet sterilization

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-05-05
Aquarium ultraviolet sterilization under the bright moon to tell you about the selection and use of: there are many kinds of sterilization lamp in the market now. All sizes. There are a lot of people choose a smaller germicidal lamp. Is a lamp and a transformer. Also has is a chimney. Is larger. And the bullet. ( For example, we proxy the sterilization lamp) 。 The sterilization lamp is harmful to people. Can't directly with eyes and skin. Believe that you know something for this also. My personal point of view at the same time. If a single tube. Also for fish eyes or skin can also cause damage. So I still choose our own the germicidal lamp. Our own agent this brand of sterilization. And with a pump. Use tank sterilization lamp, must match a low efficiency of the motor, the water into the sterilization lamp, the slower the better, so can ensure that every trickle out of the water after a long time sterilization lamp irradiation. This will have a better effect. Germicidal lamp also need to open every day. Open four hours a week, or six hours. Sterilization can also inhibit the growth of fish diseases and spread. So why not? Germicidal lamp for the tank has a significant role. You can do an experiment. At the time of aquarium didn't use sterilization lamp is what kind. Can take photos to record, in the use of the sterilization lamp after a period of time. Sterilization lamp using experience: sterilization lamp is a useful thing, much better than the old giving fish, upfront investment, but a lot of people don't think your willing to give up, the sterilization lamp can be used for several years, although medicine is healing but is drug toxicity, especially a lot of people don't understand the blind remedy to the case, led to the tragedy of the fish die within, keep a good living environment, good water quality can greatly reduce the incidence of fish, undoubtedly greatly improve the quality of the water, the sterilization lamp can kill germs, floating in the water on algae also have special effects, on a few hours a day, is of great help to the water. Another is to direct water sterilization, the sterilization lamp will not affect your biological filtration system, it is also can't than all sterilization potion. The above is the bright moon to talk about the fish tank ultraviolet sterilization, the selection and use of all can be simple to understand and have a look. Content is for reference only, need to consult you can contact us.
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