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The role of ultraviolet disinfection lamp used in aquaculture?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-03-31
With the great progress of life science and technology level, quality of life gradually enhanced, office, home or industry, and so on more and more places will use the , by its is in terms of aquaculture, the ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp can say thanks! Ultraviolet disinfection lamp has been more and more widely used, today we will talk about and everyone in the field of aquaculture and fish breeding; The role of used in aquaculture? Ultraviolet disinfection lamp in the field of aquaculture, aquatic breeding, usually run into two problems: 1, the water of the algae breeding 2, fish disease. Most of the algae and the bacteria cause fish disease virus under the strong ultraviolet radiation in seconds to death, so these two problems can be solved through disinfection method properly. In under the irradiation of sunlight or artificial light sources, such as blue-green algae blooms of algae in water algae consumed oxygen nutrient, affecting the normal growth of the aquatic animals, ultraviolet ray can solve this problem. Aquaculture water cycle repeatedly through a closed ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp sterilizer, algae in water under the strong UVC ultraviolet radiation will die collapse, restructuring of large molecular chains, can eventually be filter system. In the reaction process, the water flow velocity and the sterilizing lamp power choice is very important, high temperature in summer, algae breeding fast, water velocity shoulds not be too fast, power to appropriate, whereas in the winter. For example, a 36 w quartz can make pool purification capacity of 35000 l. If short of water purification, will strengthen the power of ultraviolet rays, or increase the number of tubes, at the same time, the velocity of water to be appropriate, velocity cannot too fast, to ensure that the water algae accept uv radiation time. In addition to the algae, aquatic breeding in aquaculture, fish disease often face the problem. Ultraviolet light to kill fish disease caused by bacteria in water is very effective, such as white spot germs, under ultraviolet light can kill in three seconds. Sometimes in particular, to the new added some fish pond, the new fish are likely to bring in fish ponds new bugs, or pond water, you want to change a new water there may be bugs, these conditions are for water sterilization by ultraviolet (uv) system. Method and the processing algae, let the water cycle repeatedly through the ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp sterilizer, attention to ensure that the water can't accept the uv radiation time is less than 3 seconds, otherwise the sterilization effect will be affected. Can also, according to the water body size and temperature conditions, choice of power and quantity. At present of the sterilization purification pool, more than 99% of the bacteria and viruses will be killed, so the fish will rarely get sick, and then improve farming production, clean sterile water for fish can make fish more colourful. Uv sterilizer as pond water purification effect, also related to the following aspects: the intensity of the sun, the depth of the pond, the water of the plant coverage, local temperature. Note, however, only to kill bacteria, viruses and other microbes, for solid particles and the removal of the inorganic matter depends on the filtration system to complete, so perfect aquatic aquatic areas of water treatment by ultraviolet disinfection systems and filtration system together. Special remind: UV sterilizer when used for the pond algae, can be used for one year. When used for the pond sterilization, considering the UV lamp radiation attenuation, to ensure the sterilization effect, recommend that users need eight to ten months UV replacement. More than just today and discussion about the role of used in aquaculture, hope everyone after is in aquaculture science and correct use of make it reach the best disinfection sterilization effect; Want to learn more knowledge about disinfection lamp pay attention to our update lyluvlight. Com/ZSWD website;
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