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The process flow and immersion in water treatment germicidal lamp

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-09-29
Water treatment from the object, it including wastewater treatment, urban water supply, water treatment, water treatment, water treatment farms; Points from the principle, disinfection, sterilization, decomposition of light degradation and other photochemical reaction; From water treatment to use the method of sterilization lamp, have directly into the water, called immersion; The uv lamp in use, the sleeve is called streaming.

water treatment can have sterilization lamp sterilization function, such as: over current sterilizer sterilization principle, by the water pump can produce pressure must flow through the through ultraviolet quartz sleeve periphery, ultraviolet lamp produced by 253. 7 nm ultraviolet sterilization to pass water, and sanitation. Its characteristics, water flow, speed, generally in the quartz sleeve through the time not more than 1 s, so the requirement towards the intensity of the ultraviolet lamp is relatively high, requirements on the surface strength of more than 30000 uw/CM2. To have such a high intensity of ultraviolet ray, it is necessary to choose the high power uv germicidal lamp. If you still want to extend the time to improve the effect of disinfection, so be about to choose a longer sterilization lamp, do a longer equipment, or outside the stainless steel wall processing spiral type structure, to prolong the flow of time.

for some high-end products, over current disinfection method is not only to match more complex structure, and the control of complex systems, such as: uv intensity monitoring system, monitoring system for water temperature, sterilization time accumulated, ultraviolet lamp monitoring, fault alarm, automatic acousto-optic alarm system, etc. In addition, the over current device object has on the environment and processing requirements, the transparency of the temperature of the water in water on the disinfection effect has a great influence. Ultraviolet germicidal lamp is working, the best surface temperature of 40 degrees Celsius, the temperature too high or too low will affect the uv output effect. Water transparency, ultraviolet light, the more easy to be absorbed, the lower utilization rate.

and over current relatively, immersion ( Also known as submersible) Structure is relatively simple, more complete immersion uv germicidal lamp ( There are half subduction type) Can directly into the water, this product can be used for the flow of water, also can be used in the still water. It is worth noting that the immersion sterilization lamp likely due to unexpected fracture, long processing, sterilization lamp surface will be covered by the algae and other contaminants in the water, the serious influence ultraviolet light passes.
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