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The little knowledge sharing uv lamp manufacturer

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-10-06
Share uv lamp small knowledge uv lamp manufactory: 1. Origin of ultraviolet disinfection air early research air disinfection began in the 1920 s. Started in 1936 in a hospital operating room, in the school for the first time in 1937 using the control of measles spread. 2. Ultraviolet light disinfection principle of is a kind of low pressure mercury lamp, is to use the low voltage ( < 10 - 2Pa) Mercury vapor is intensified by ultraviolet irradiation disinfection lamp. uv sterilizer lamp article two of the main hair spectral line: 253. 7 nm and 185 nm wavelength
wavelength, peak wavelength is 253. 7nm。 Both wavelengths of ultraviolet ray can have very good sterilization effect, which the former can be applied directly to the biological cell genetic material or DNA, ruined the DNA
and killing bacteria, and have the function of ozone decomposition; The latter can pass to the role of oxygen in the air, produce a strong oxidation of ozone, thus to kill bacteria. 3. Note a use of ultraviolet lamp. Method of use, A) Surface irradiation disinfection method: mobile is the best way to close, also can use a pendant light, small items can be placed irradiated with ultraviolet disinfection cabinet. Be sterilized goods and the distance between the tubes within 1 meter, must direct illuminate surfaces, surface rough paper, fabric etc to extend the irradiation time, and the two sides are to receive irradiation. ( 2) Indoor air disinfection available ZhaoSheFa ZhaoSheFa directly or indirectly. The use of mobile or direct illuminate suspension type ultraviolet lamp, under the condition of no implementation, indoor installation number of ultraviolet lamp for & gt; 1. 5 w/m3, lamp within 2 meters above the ground, the irradiation time 30 minutes or more, the latter using high intensity ultraviolet air disinfector, disinfection effect and reliable, and can be used in indoor when someone, up 30 minutes or more. two Note ( A) Effective disinfection time of 1000 h ultraviolet lamp, high intensity ultraviolet air disinfector effective disinfection time 1500 h, should be replaced in time; ( 2) In use process, should keep the lights on the surface of clean, with 75% alcohol cotton ball wiping 1 times a week, and tube surface dust, grease, wipe at any time. ( 3) Sterilization room should be clean and dry, the temperature in the 20 ~ 40 ℃, relative humidity & lt; 80%, if more than this range should be prolonged exposure; ( 4) Ultraviolet radiation intensity. Once every half year, should be replaced at any time was less than 70 uw/cm2. ( 5) Shall not make ultraviolet (uv) light irradiation directly to the people, lest cause damage. ( 6) Record date of sterilization, irradiation time, tube at any time using the cumulative time and replacement time, disinfection, bacteria culture and the results of the item.
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