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The latest bottle disinfection method is coming, are you ready?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-01-13
'Around the baby 24 hours a day, on call' this must be a lot of old mothers' daily mothers also have a lot of their own little tricks! When disinfecting baby bottles and tableware, mothers often use three disinfection methods: boiling water, detergent disinfection and ultraviolet disinfection. How is it most useful to clean and sterilize? The following intimate tips will give you a comparison of several bottle disinfection methods, you can choose the most suitable for yourself! Method 1: Boiling water advantages: low cost disadvantages: 1. Need to watch all the time, trouble 2. Use the pot alone, do not mix with the cooking pot, causing secondary pollution due to greasy contamination. 3. The bottle holder is required for the bottle, and it is not hygienic to use it directly. 4. After the bottle is boiled for 10 min, put it into the nipple, etc. , and boil for too long to cause damage or burst. 5. After disinfection, you often smell milk. Method 2: Advantages of disinfectant: wide application range and convenient purchase. Disadvantages: 1. If the cleaning is not in place, there may be residues; 2. Incorrect use may cause corrosion; 3, need to soak for a long time, 10- 30 minutes, it is not very convenient to go out. Method 3: Ultraviolet Disinfection. Advantages: 1. Short time consumption and good effect; 2. Wide range of use; 3, Operation worry and effort; 4, disinfection method is environmentally friendly and has no residue. Disadvantages: traditional lamp ultraviolet disinfection products are not suitable for carrying. Generally speaking, boiling water and disinfectant sterilization are still inconvenient to operate. Ultraviolet disinfection is relatively more convenient, but it is not portable and inconvenient to go out to disinfect baby bottles and bowls and chopsticks. Haha, don't worry, the magical little Second King naturally has an artifact to save the treasure mother, so that the treasure mother can not only be easily disinfected, but also can be used outside! The eight major revolutions of bottle disinfection in the new era were officially launched. All other disinfection methods were killed. The first and third minutes were quickly disinfected. The mother was no longer tired. The disinfection cabinet was the same as the hospital and kindergarten, they are all disinfected with familiar ultraviolet rays, but what is even more serious is that 4th of the ultraviolet rays used in the 260 generation intelligent disinfection cabinet- 280nm sterilization the most powerful led uv disinfection, as long as 3 minutes can quickly disinfect, help mother easily bring baby! Second: remove the smell of milk, the baby drinks milk, I don't know if the mothers have this feeling, the bottle that has been used for more than ten days is very unpleasant, especially in summer, and even sour. The bottle has an unpleasant smell. Of course, the picky baby does not buy it. It is always not good to drink milk. Now you don't have to be afraid of the intelligent disinfection cabinet. Disinfection in 3 minutes can also remove peculiar smell. LED deep ultraviolet rays can decompose peculiar smell molecules. Only the fragrance of milk powder makes the baby smell when drinking neinei ~ Third, keep the feeding bottle sterile and sterilized all the time. If the feeding bottle is afraid of soiling, it can still be placed in the disinfection cabinet. Its constant temperature aseptic preservation function can keep it dry and sterile all the time. Fourth: portable, want to disappear, you have found that this disinfection cabinet is really like a rice cooker, it is super light, and you can disinfect the bottle at any time when you take your baby out. Fifth: 360 ° no dead angle, more comprehensive disinfection, super excellent is that there are 40 LED disinfection lamp beads in this disinfection cabinet, and the five-sided lamp beads cover the bottom mirror reflection ultraviolet light, the 360-degree comprehensive disinfection has been truly realized. Sixth: intelligent drying of feeding bottles this disinfection cabinet also has the function of intelligent drying. The time is adjusted according to the change of external ambient temperature. The normal condition is 60 minutes. The temperature of the feeding bottle in hand is warm, super intimate. Seventh: in addition to the bottle, the universal disinfection cabinet, the baby Bowl Spoon, the water cup and even the small bib, the saliva towel, etc. , can be thrown in, three minutes of rapid disinfection, protect the baby every moment. Eighth: disinfection water and food disinfection cabinet are LED ultraviolet disinfection, do not contain mercury, do not produce ozone, do not change the composition of food and water, you can safely disinfect food and water. How, have you been shown by this magical disinfection cabinet! Is such a good disinfection cabinet Super want to have?
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