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The lamp warning mark images

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-03-23
Useful life is now a lot of places to uv germicidal lamp, because it is more used for sterilization, but because of its uv radiation can impact to the person, so usually have stipulated in these places use ultraviolet lamp must have warning labels pictures to prompt you, let us together to know about the use of ultraviolet lamp need to set up warning signs? What are and ultraviolet warning labels pictures; A, the use of ultraviolet lamp need to set up warning signs? Should be set up, because the uv lamp has harm to people's eyes, skin, in order to prevent someone unwittingly by excessive ultraviolet radiation, set up warning signs is necessary. Some of the ultraviolet lamp external high-voltage grid ( For example, flykilling lamps) , in safety, should set up a warning sign. Use ultraviolet light disinfection sterilization is a specified space and time, separated from the outside world, there are someone who's in charge, without warning or warning signs. Recent laboratory to adopt 5 s management, uv lamp switch is together side by side with ordinary lamp switch, hope to do a logo. We have also the uv lamp switch and ordinary lamp, side by side in fact as long as the switch to other colors can have the effect of warning, such as with red or purple are ok. Second, identification of uv lamp, what is it? Tubes can be divided into UVA, UVB and UVC, usually tubes appeal will print the words; If the UVC LAMP, OUT OF print UVC or UV GERMICIDAL LAMP, it will also print: WARNING: KEEP YOUR EYES AND SKIN OUT OF the UV safety remind words such as three, UV LAMP should use what kind OF WARNING signs? Hello, the lamp general disease there is no specific picture warnings. Suggest you use written warning that went, & other; Ultraviolet radiation is harmful to human body. ” If pictures, but may be not easy to understand others.
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