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The lamp safe?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-03-27
Life in many places to see the figure of ultraviolet lamp, its function and use is immeasurable, said to use would have to demonstrate the use of ultraviolet lamp, so today to chat with you about holding the lamp is really safe? See together; A, uv lamp safe? UVC penetration is not high, generally glass can be blocked, so through the wooden door, the wall will not penetrate, ultraviolet (uv) radiation is not so bad, as long as don't direct indirect ( Refraction, reflection) Come into contact with the skin or the body will not have influence. UVC disinfection ultraviolet sterilization by bacterial DNA damage, 38 w will be enough, as long as the light source, no contact with the human body is not dangerous. UVC protective equipment: general in UVA ( UVC is uvb radiation, UVA is long wave, the higher the longer wavelength penetration) Second, it is safe to a few meters away from the lamp? It is safe to a few meters away from the lamp, this problem, need to see the location of the lamp to decide, in general, as long as the light without direct exposure to a person's skin or eyes can look into place, even standing beside all have no problem, if it is not effective to avoid light, people should be at least five metres from the ultraviolet lamp is safe. Otherwise it's easy to give the skin effect. Don't let the ultraviolet radiation to the eye skin, actually someone unwell conjunction in the uv lamp, because the light refraction, even if the light directly to the people, the refraction of light also can harm people's three, medical ultraviolet lamp have what effect? It is safe to stay away from the body need more? 1, the action of ultraviolet lamp mainly is disinfection sterilization 2, in the use of ultraviolet lamp away from 10 meters safer, use ultraviolet light disinfection, people can't stay inside four, hand-held ultraviolet light disinfection harmful to human body? I think, ultraviolet disinfection lamp and uv sterilizer, uv disinfector in addition to disinfection sterilization, also has the adjustment and improvement of nerve, endocrine, digestion, circulation, respiration, blood, immune system and promote the function of vitamin D production. Uv sterilizer is not as people want to ultraviolet (uv) does not have a great harm to human body, and in the process of disinfection, also will not bring secondary pollution. Uv sterilizer, however, at the time of work, the body had better not close contact, in recent years, some statistics, ultraviolet light can cause photochemical reaction, can have influence on the human body skin and eyes, but this is normal phenomenon, we also will be affected by ultraviolet irradiation in the sun, so you don't have to worry about. Outdoor if it is good that we can do a good job is prevented bask in, if the uv sterilizer, can get away from it, avoid direct illuminate skin, if the human body to put on clothes, won't penetrate, but your eyes and face protection must be done. Ultraviolet lamp as terrorist, didn't you think ultraviolet (uv) to a certain extent, also can promote human body the absorption of calcium. I believe you also have a certain understanding to uv light. Fifth, the lamp how it is safe to use? Due to uv germicidal lamp can penetrate the cell death, so should pay attention to when using a ultraviolet disinfection can't direct illuminate to a person's skin, especially people's eyes, when ultraviolet (uv) light, do not look straight tubes, due to the short wave ultraviolet ray is not through the common glass, wearing glasses can avoid injury to the eye. If not narrow-minded injury, usually harmless, just like the sun burned, serious can eye drops or human milk, help recover. On some occasions, do not use ozone tube, can make the person poisoning when high concentrations of ozone. The following is some information about the uv lamp use safety, I hope can help to you. Want to learn more knowledge of ultraviolet lamp, please pay attention to our website updated lyluvlight. com.
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