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The lamp of safety distance and time?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-04-08
Generally ultraviolet penetration under the condition of glass, now most of the ultraviolet lamp is to use quartz material, as long as it's not direct exposure to people or ultraviolet light in the eye, there would be no harm. The disinfection principle, uv lamp? Using ultraviolet light, photolysis and degeneration in the thalli protein, bacteria of amino acid, nucleic acid, enzyme damage to death. Ultraviolet light through the air at the same time, make an oxygen ionization ozone in the air, to strengthen the sterilization effect. Second, the ultraviolet disinfection measures? About air disinfection by ultraviolet light, so you must ensure that intact and correct use of the tubes, and regularly to monitoring of uv lamp, the intensity of ultraviolet lamp at less than 70 uwc/line should be replaced in a timely manner, should maintain a light tube is clean. Tube surface every 1 ~ 2 weeks application alcohol cotton ball light try again, remove dirt and oil dirties, in order to reduce the factors affecting uv penetration. How much is the safe distance of three, uv lamp? Usually 10 metres away safe, use ultraviolet light disinfection, people can't stay indoors. Ultraviolet sterilization principle is through the ultraviolet irradiation, damage and changes of microbial DNA ( Deoxyribonucleic acid) Structure, make the bacteria died instantly or cannot reproduce, achieve the purpose of sterilization. Ultraviolet germicidal belong to pure physical disinfection method, with simple and convenient, broad spectrum efficiency, no secondary pollution, easy to management and the advantages of automation, with all kinds of new design of uv lamp, uv sterilization application scope is expanding constantly. Items with ultraviolet disinfection, the effective distance is how much? The lamp use time is generally not more than how much; Four, ultraviolet radiation sterilization effect: short wave ultraviolet devastating for microorganisms, when the wavelength of ultraviolet irradiation bacterial cells of nucleoprotein and deoxyribonucleic acid ( DNA) Strongly absorb the energy of the band, break the chain between them was opened, so that the bacterial death. If use uv mercury lamp or metal halide lamp in air and food sterilization. Five, the range of ultraviolet lamp: distance without too many restrictions, as long as the intensity of testing, the distance from the lamp 1 meter strength than in 70. Sixth, the use of ultraviolet lamp time: irradiation time not less than 30 minutes. According to the requirements of the 'technical standard for disinfection, regulation, new high intensity ultraviolet lamp irradiation intensity should be greater than 180 uw/cm3 ( 253. 7 nm, distance of 1 m) , the new common ultraviolet lamp radiation intensity is more than 90 uw/cm for qualified. Seven, ultraviolet lamp used for air disinfection is safe and effective in distance and time? What is the range of ultraviolet (uv) for air disinfection is not more than 2 m. Time is 30 - disinfection 60 minutes or so. 1, ultraviolet radiation sterilization is the use of appropriate wavelength of ultraviolet radiation damage of the molecular structure of DNA and RNA of microbial cells, causing cell death and to achieve the effect of sterilization. 2, sterilizing effect is accepted by the microbial exposure dose, the type of uv output energy, light, light intensity and the use of time. 3, ultraviolet lamp to kill microorganisms in the air, such as bacteria, viruses, rickettsia, mycoplasma and other microorganism. 4, in the ultraviolet disinfection, and pay attention to protect good eyes and skin, because ultraviolet light can damage the cornea epithelium and epithelial skin. In the ultraviolet disinfection, don't into are disinfection room. If you have to enter, had better wear uv goggles. In addition, notice regular determination of bactericidal effect of ultraviolet lamp.
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