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The lamp is active positive factors in the market

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-10-09
Uv light active positive factors in the market

at present, the lamp in the whole market achieved good revenue, set up their own products. We have to say this is a good place to start, at the same time, the development of keeps the ultraviolet lamp. We can not help but ask, ultraviolet lamp are with such a situation is what?

first of all we say is the lamp use ultraviolet sterilization belong to pure physical disinfection method, with simple and convenient, broad spectrum efficiency, no secondary pollution, easy to management and the advantages of automation, with all kinds of new design of uv lamp, uv sterilization application scope is expanding constantly. Germicidal lamp has a hot cathode low-pressure mercury vapor discharge lamp, cold cathode low-pressure mercury vapor discharge lamp and so on several kinds of structure, can according to the appearance and power can be divided into various types.

when we were in the use of ultraviolet lamp, of course, is to pay attention to some problems

this one problem is that each unit using ultraviolet lamp in using, three to six months should be made a radiation meter strength testing, timely inspection found that the problem is quite safe, this in the sterilization lamp disinfection application is a very important work.
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