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The lamp common faults

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-03-26
A, UV lamp application is introduced: short for UV for Ultraviolet, the Ultraviolet ray, the UV lamp is called Ultraviolet lamp, low-pressure UV lamp is mainly used for sterilization, the sterilization lamp high pressure UV lamp UV - B is mainly used for uv test, medical treatment, such as metal halide lamp is mainly used in printing ink, paint curing, wet film and dry film, green solder resist exposure. ( Graph: uv lamp application) Uv lamp common faults: 1, uv lamp not bright or self-extinguishing: reason may be that the ultraviolet ray lamp aging, air cooling is not enough, low voltage power supply more than 10%, and the solution for the replacement of uv lamp, dredge pipe, cleaning fan rotor sundry, raise the voltage. 2, uv lamp brightness is insufficient, the reason may be the uv lamp aging, the solution is to only replace the uv lamp. 3, UV curing coating incomplete or complete: it may be for the UV lamp power density is small, light initiator UV coating and curing time is not long enough or ambient temperature is low, the solution for the lamp with object distance too far away to replace high power UV lamp; In the UV coating; Longer curing time; Improve the environment temperature to adjust the distance between the two. 4, new start ultraviolet lamp flickered light or not, the reason may for high voltage and transformer does not match the tubes, the solution to measure the uv lamp power and the related parameters, ultraviolet lamp using deformation: the reason may bad for air cooling equipment, the surface temperature is too high; Solution to increase equipment air cooling system; 6, Fried lamp: the reason may work for uv lamp current is too high, tube surface contaminants or dirt, short circuit, circuit on the high temperature splash virtual receive, supply voltage does not match, the solution to replace uv lamp, pay attention to the lamp surface clean, good to meet advisable; 7, UV transformer high temperature: the reason may for the power supply voltage is higher than 10%, poor ventilation around the machine to reduce the input voltage, the solution for better ventilation and cleaning dredge equipment surrounding environment; 8, uv lamp fry bad: the reason for high current or lamp holder virtual connect, the only way to solve for the replacement tubes; 9, uv lamp holder Fried black or melt: it may be for air cooling equipment is not good, the surface temperature is too high, the solution to strengthen equipment air cooling system; Reason for the high: 10, ultraviolet light through may be spent for the light is high, the solution for the replacement bulb or replacement test matching UV transformer and ballast. The above is a simple introduction to the common troubles medical ultraviolet lamp, ( Content is for reference only) So here small make up today and you chat, the hope can help you, would like to know more knowledge about the lamp, please pay attention to our updated in real time! Service hotline: production address: uv lamp display url: lyluvlight. com
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