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The lamp aquaculture is introduced

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-03-23
With the continuous improvement of living standards, people's perception of ultraviolet lamp is becoming more and more strong, because it can be applied in every aspect of life, the lamp of arguably has brought people many convenient; The value of ultraviolet lamp in aquaculture is obvious, ultraviolet lamp will come here and you talk about the role of the aquaculture; See, the action of ultraviolet lamp together? Ultraviolet lamp is divided into UVA UVB UVC three light source, only the UVC can destroy all living things, uv light effect is very big, the uv germicidal lamp in the room can rise to sterilization, electromagnetic wave, ultraviolet (uv) is a kind of low energy because of has good antiseptic effect and is widely used in medical, health and epidemic prevention, food industry, pharmaceutical industry and other departments. is a device that can launch the ultraviolet ray, is to observe the fluorescence and phosphorescence &stamps features the necessary tools and used for a physical means of sterilization. When buy so the main light. Speaking of UVC do not use, in the case of someone has hurt to the person, serious consequences, the major diseases such as skin cancer. Second, the ultraviolet lamp aquaculture plant? disinfection effects of aquaculture suitable wavelength of ultraviolet, but for the role of the aquaculture; Ultraviolet penetration is very weak, cannot penetrate into the roots of plants. Third, the effect of ultraviolet disinfection lamp for aquaculture, please? In daily life, the lamp is mainly used for indoor air disinfection, can also be used to deal with the object surface and wastewater disinfection, but ultraviolet penetration ability is very weak, such as the disinfection of surfaces, must keep the uv lamp and surface within 1 meter distance. With rich aquatic species, the probiotic bacteria inhibition of killing bacterium reduce pathogenic bacteria, micro ecological balance, uv lamp to adapt to the object: 1 all aquaculture varieties are applicable, such as all kinds of fish, eel, turtle, crabs, frogs, shrimp and eel, screw, clams, sea cucumber, loach, leech, etc. 2, the main purpose of the uv lamp for aquaculture: * degradation of ammonia nitrogen, nitrite, hydrogen sulfide and other harmful substances, increase the dissolved oxygen in water; * to purify water quality, improve the environment, eliminate undesirable algae growth, extend changing water interval; * promote beneficial the growth of phytoplankton in water, improve the utilization rate of the absorption of fish to feed to reduce production cost; * enhanced aquatic animal immune function, prevent diseases and improve health, reduce the morbidity and mortality; * pure microbial products, without any hormonal composition, green, environmental protection, safety, without any drug residues; 3, ultraviolet lamp main functions: 1. Reduce pathogenic microorganisms and harmful algae; Significantly enhance immunity and disease resistance breeding objects, to reduce morbidity, improve the survival rate. User reflect, probiotics concentrate to raise survival rate of juvenile crab nearly doubled, the survival rate of the Chinese grouper rise from 30% to 70%. 2. To increase the number of beneficial microbes. The water zooplankton, beneficial algae increased, especially the red worm growing to be full of water. 3. Stabilize and improve water quality, water color and relaxed, not smelly, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia and other peculiar smell, visibility in 25 Stable 50 cm long; change water time can extend more than 2 times. 4. Fish and shrimp dung, bottom impurities and scraps will not loose sand shaped into mud. 5. Promote growth, weight gain rate increased significantly. Practice has proved that under the same conditions, the use of probiotics concentrate, could be on the market in advance, the average per mu yield increased 20% Increased 35%, spawning, spawning extended time. And hatchability better; Bait not smelly, improve the breeding environment. That is about some simple overview of the ultraviolet lamp aquaculture is introduced, the hope can help you! Content is for reference only.
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