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The introduction of three kinds of ultraviolet lamp

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-10-08
The introduction of three kinds of ultraviolet lamp

1, high-frequency ultraviolet lamp. Tube concave to form a cavity for electromagnetic induction coil, induction coil is located within the cavity. The utility model structure design is reasonable, the tubes are no longer rings, but the concave form a cavity to accommodate electromagnetic induction coil, which makes process simplification, reduces the production cost.

2, ultraviolet lamp used in aquatic animals. Position of quartz glass shield tube and within the quartz glass shield and a connected with amalgam uv lamp electrical part, the electric appliance part connected to the electronic ballast, and at one end of the quartz glass shield also sets a waterproof silicone rubber plug.

3, is equipped with electric heating element of long tube uv lamp. Outside the electric heating element for heating wire, through the winding tubes or placed in tubes with fine glass tube sealing methods such as setting on the tube, after adopting the technical scheme, when use can make the long tube uv lamp fever, help tubes start up hui run stability, not easy to damage the ballast, and can prolong the service life of tubes, effectively overcome the defects of existing technologies.
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