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the importance of home air filters -

by:LiangYueLiang     2019-11-08
Many people don\'t know that the air in our house is five times more harmful than the air outside.Due to the closure of the family and office buildings, the pollutants in the air are trapped indoors and the polluted air cannot be discharged.Clean air at home is more important than outdoors.
Household air filters, also known as \"furnace filters\", keep the coils and heat exchange on the heating and air conditioning system clean, otherwise, the system will work harder.Household air filters contain high efficiency motors and defensesMicrobial filters that produce healthy, clean air at home or in the office.There are many types and styles of household air purifiers, including HEPA, carbon, zeolite, UV light air purifiers, etc.
Some air purifiers have filters and some collect contaminants using stainless steel rods.Household air filters attract air through layers of different air filters.Air first passes through a pre-Filter to remove large particles.
The air then passes through the coconut shell activated carbon filter, which absorbs gas, chemicals, odors, and steam.After this absorption, the air enters two counterMicrobial filters for further filtration.The air then enters the 80-square-foot HEPA medium, of which 99.
All allergens and particles of 97% are greater than 0.Remove 3 microns from the generated air.Clean Air was released back to the room from this HEPA media.The size of the particles in the air captured by the household air purifier is measured in microns.
Micrometers are hundreds of times smaller than human hair and are clearly invisible to the naked eye.The most important thing about household air filters is to remember to replace them regularly.The upgrade and proper maintenance of the home air filter is very simple and helps to improve the indoor air quality.
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