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The human body can be long time exposure ozone ultraviolet light?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-10-03
The human body can be long time exposure ozone ultraviolet light? Ozone ultraviolet lamp is that even after power in fact become high voltage discharge ionization of oxygen in the air into anion - Ozone, ozone ion generator in the lighting installation, meet the real effect of 'natural' fresh air. So, the human body can be long time exposure ozone ultraviolet light? Uv lamp manufacturer: ultraviolet ozone ultraviolet radiation from the lamp using mercury lamp to realize the function of sterilization, radiation of ultraviolet energy is larger, it without protective measures, easy to cause great harm to human body. If the bare skin is this kind of ultraviolet light, light person can appear red and swollen, painful itch, desquamation; The person that weigh even can cause cancer, skin cancer, etc. At the same time, it is 'invisible killer', the eyes can cause inflammation of the conjunctiva, cornea, long-term exposure may cause cataracts. Ozone ultraviolet lamp range due to the long history of the development of the ultraviolet lamp, technology is constantly improved, is widely used in our modern life, the use of ultraviolet light disinfection range are: hospital disinfection, disinfection sterilization, disinfection of the sitting room, toilet, kitchen bedroom basement of disinfection, sterilization, disinfection using items and many other places, ultraviolet light disinfection function of family is most obvious, it won't be any pollution and impact on family, thus ensuring our household environment pollution-free, in our life plays a very important role. After long time by ultraviolet light, and can lead to skin cancer. In medicine, just 20 minutes of exposure to mice, can produce significant adverse symptoms. Ultraviolet light is the harm of internal organization, if only desquamate, wipe some medicine can cure, but the internal organization of the damage, must be observed for a long time. Ozone ultraviolet lamp used in our side the use of ultraviolet lamp is very extensive, the use of ultraviolet lamp has now extended to the field of public health, the use of the on-board ultraviolet lamp filled the car disinfection a blank, the ultraviolet lamp is a very practical tool for the vehicle disinfection. For uv lamp style and variety is diverse, not only can rise to the car's disinfection function at the same time can also be a decorative effect on the interior of the vehicle. The car after uv germicidal lamp disinfection of the air is very pure and fresh and natural without any peculiar smell, no harm to human body, has been a lot of use.
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