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The harm of ultraviolet ray?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-04-09
Says everyone should know a thing or two to ultraviolet ray, remember when I first heard the word, my first feeling is ultraviolet radiation or skin has certain harm to the body, but specific to what extent but don't know, also don't understand, the concept of the time only know it is a kind of invisible light, know the sun contains ultraviolet ray, that's it! Other what also don't understand! So with my question to you today with deep know the degree of uv and uv damage to the skin; A, what is the uv? Ultraviolet light is a kind of optical physics. Nature is ultraviolet (uv) light source is the sun. Sunlight through the atmosphere when the wavelength is shorter than 290 & times; 10 ^ ( - - - - - - 9) Absorb the ultraviolet ray of ozone in the atmosphere. There are many gas arc (artificial ultraviolet (uv) light source Such as low pressure mercury arc, high pressure mercury arc) , uv have chemistry to make photographic photosensitive, fluorescence effect is strong, fluorescent lamp, all kinds of fluorescent lamp and agriculture to pest traps in a black light is glowing with ultraviolet fluorescence substance. Uv light can also anti-counterfeiting. Ultraviolet (uv) and physiological function, can sterilization, disinfection, treatment of skin disease and bone disease. Ultraviolet light particles sex strong, can make various kinds of metal to produce the photoelectric effect. Second, the classification of the uv wavelength several big? A uv wavelength in 0. 32 - — 0. 40 microns, A uv impact on our performance in the synthesis of vitamin D has A promoting effect, but too much of A condensation, ultraviolet light can cause performance to suppress the immune system function, or the lack of A little uv radiation and prone to lupus disease and cataract; B ultraviolet wavelength in 0. 28 a 0. 32 microns, uv B affect our performance in the skin to become red and reduce the production of vitamin D in the short term, long accepted can cause skin cancer, cataract and suppress the immune system function; Uv wavelength in 0 C. A 0 01. Between 28 micron. C almost all ultraviolet ray is absorbed by the ozone layer, the impact is not big to us. The influence of ultraviolet radiation on human main show is A uv and uv B combination three, uv damage to the skin? 1: ultraviolet radiation effects on skin, can happen light dermatitis, skin appears erythema, itching, blisters, edema, sore eyes, tears, etc; Serious can cause skin cancer. 2: sunlight to the human body skin damage from the ultraviolet A ( UVA) With ultraviolet B ( UVB) UVA belong to long wave, ACTS on the skin deep, action is slow, but can cause a one-time darkening. Belongs to medium wave UVB, ACTS on the skin surface, quick effect. Can stimulate the skin cutin cell, make vasodilatation, increase blood flow, start will be red, then brown. UVB rays will sun more and more red, UVA can bask in the dark. 3: as long as the sun in the four seasons have strong ultraviolet ray, foggy in winter sunlight appear more moderate and the north, but ultraviolet weaker than in the summer, will still be etc caused great harm to human body skin and eyes, so still need to avoid the ultraviolet radiation in winter. Long-term uv radiation most likely to cause skin produce various spots. So, even in cold winter, also should daub segregation frost when outdoor activities or sunscreen. Of course, SPF index in 15 is enough. If it is to go out for skiing or stay long time in the snow, it is better to wear eye protection, to prevent the stimulus of strong ultraviolet ray and Snow White light to the eyes. What are the consequences four, ultraviolet light? Is the electromagnetic wave, including infrared, visible and ultraviolet light, only the frequency than radio waves used in mobile communication frequency is much higher. Infrared and visible light is harmless to human body, a moderate amount of exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays can kill human body sterilization, but too much will be harmful to human body, such as cancer. Contains ultraviolet light in sunlight. Than the higher frequencies of light are X-ray, y rays, cosmic rays, etc, among them, often used in hospitals of X-ray chest X-ray equipment if long-term illuminate the human body, must be harmful to human body. History will have cancer as a result of long-term illuminate X-ray example. Five, the ultraviolet harm have how old? Long-term uv radiation has certain harm to human body health. If a uv energy is larger, and without protective measures, easy to cause great harm to human body. If the bare skin is this kind of ultraviolet light, light person can appear red and swollen, painful itch, desquamation; The person that weigh even can cause cancer, skin cancer, etc. At the same time, it is also the eyes & other; Stealth killer & throughout; , can cause inflammation of the conjunctiva, cornea, long-term exposure may cause cataracts. The eliminate mosquitoes for some restaurants and home use small ultraviolet lamp, they glow of principle is distinct, so don't need to worry. Six, why excessive ultraviolet radiation is harmful to human body? Uv is the short wavelengths of visible light, more often than visible light. It is characteristic of fluorescence. Ultraviolet (uv) synthesis of vitamin D can promote human body, this vitamin helps the body to absorb calcium. Owing to the high frequency, it can kill the bacteria on human skin, but excessive exposure, will hurt our skin, make the skin coarse, and even cause cancer. Seven, to teach you from uv radiation damage: comprehensive above is some explanation about uv damage to the human body, don't know how much you understand? Hope that today's explanations to help you to learn more knowledge of ultraviolet ray you can also to focus on our real-time update lyluvlight website. com
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