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The four considerations of ultraviolet germicidal lamp

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-05-25
Ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp is actually due to a low pressure mercury lamp, is the use of low mercury vapor pressure ( < 10 - 2Pa) Hair was intensified and emit ultraviolet light, its spectral lines mainly have two: one is 253. 7 nm wavelength; Another is 185 nm wavelength, and the two informants are invisible to the naked eye. One of the strengths of ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp for sterilization lamp does not need to be converted to visible light, 250 nm 260 m wavelength can have very good sterilization effect, can damage the chromosomes, the wavelength interval allochromatic. Ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp precautions: use ultraviolet disinfection should pay attention to not shine directly to a person's skin, especially people's eyes, don't look straight tubes, ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp light because ultraviolet sterilizing lamp cable can penetrate the cell death, however, because of the short wave ultraviolet ray is not through the common glass, so wear glasses can prevent the eyes from harm. Other, on some occasions, do not use ozone tube, can make the person poisoning when high concentrations of ozone. The four considerations of ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp: some domestic unqualified ultraviolet lamp can't supply the rest of the disinfection can, therefore, to further study the principle and conditions of the resurrection, determined to prevent raised the minimum ultraviolet light shines, time or dose intensity. Quartz tube outer wall of the cleaning operation is the key of the operation and maintenance, quartz tube outer wall cleaning operation is the key of the operation and maintenance. Research and development to produce long-life ultraviolet lamp or the introduction of foreign advanced uv lamp directly produce technology is a problem to be solved. In ultraviolet disinfection system for wastewater plant bidding in our country, some because many import of industrial wastewater, sewage plant makes the discharge of sewage chroma deepened, but the bid documents of sewage ultraviolet transmittance parameters still choose foreign supply value, form differs from the actual situation of domestic sewage is very big, also for the future of uv equipment operation meet the disinfection requirements, left a formidable obstacles. Above is the bright moon to our four points for attention about the ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp, can we see the, brief understanding of the need to consult the can contact us.
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