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The effect of ultraviolet disinfection lamp?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-03-17
Ultraviolet disinfection lamp appearance, with ordinary did not show any significant difference between the tubes, some will be according to the actual application, designed to similar lamp other shapes. Some because just like the ordinary energy-saving lamps, and understanding of is not enough, also had no obvious mark on many products and pay attention to practice, so cause a lot of people when the usual light to use, very few adverse effects. Today is to give you a brief introduction of function and use of method, together with me to get to know yourself; First, the principle of uv disinfection lamp principle is ultraviolet irradiation can make protein denaturation and protein is the control bacteria material uv that bacterial protein denaturation of life activity, making the bacteria cannot be normal life activities, leading to death. Second, the role of : 1, , is to use ultraviolet light to kill include bacteria breeding, buds, mycobacterium, corona viruses, fungi, such as rickettsia and chlamydia, all surfaces contaminated with the virus, water and air, all can use ultraviolet disinfection. 2, , mainly divided into: high, medium and low pressure. Disinfection application, give priority to with low pressure. According to the national standard, the average life expectancy for 8000 hours. Some excellent products has reached 13000 hours of life. 3, originally belong to the major such as medicine and food industry and sterilization equipment, is now gradually into all kinds of public field and the family. Ultraviolet disinfection lamp appearance, like fluorescent lamp, also no obvious warning labels on products that cause some family members after the purchase of , the use of its harm don't realize that household effect, have those harm, and the use of operating methods. Hope to be able to increase your understanding of the ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp and master. 4, if there is a old man home, raising a pet or baby's home, you can often use , it can effectively destroy the structure of the bacterial DNA and RNA, kill bacteria restrain the breeding of bacteria and germs. At the same time, some closed space can also be used , including fridge, wardrobe, car, etc. , can make use of . For home in the place with bad light and ventilation, often to use , can effectively kill ( Bedding) All sorts of bacteria, such as mite bug to effectively create a healthy living environment. 5, the main function can be used for indoor sterilization of the family. Such as leukemia patients with severe such as home, their life needs a relatively sterile environment, you need to purchase a to sterilization in the home. But must through the , and apart from the general household lighting, when using ultraviolet light disinfection, to do careful careful, try to avoid direct contact with the skin, eyes and ultraviolet radiation. Three, the use of method: 1, tube type of installation, direct replacement bulbs E27 lamp holder in the home, then normal on/to turn off the lights. 2, desktop : the use of the commonly used is commonly: ( 1) , plugged in; ( 2) , press the key ( 3) Time, then select the button, select the disinfection time; ( 4) , selected after sterilization time, press the key to open again.
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