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The difference between ozone ultraviolet light, no ozone lamp

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-09-17
Ozone ultraviolet light, no ozone light difference one: the difference between with and without ozone ozone light lamp UV germicidal lamp belongs to low pressure mercury lamp, its peak there are two main ultraviolet UV radiation, no ozone 254 nm ( 253. 7) And 185 nm of ozone sterilization lamp. Ozone ultraviolet lamp virtues: ozone has strong oxidation, can effectively kill bacteria, ozone diffuse offset due to ultraviolet ray propagation along a straight line only, just can be sterilized in a corner of faults. Second, no ozone lamp starts, why will smell a slight burning pungent smell? Whenever the room just finished with ultraviolet germicidal lamp away poison, inside there is always an unpleasant taste, this is because, under the ultraviolet (uv) radiation, through the electronic radiation or exposure from diatomic oxygen ozone naturally formed. In fact, no ozone mercury lamp is not strictly true no ozone lamp, its still produce trace amounts of ozone in exposure occurs. To this, 'GB19258 - 2012 'ultraviolet germicidal lamps in the national standard of no ozone lamp at the beginning of the productivity has clear rules: no initial ozone output of ozone lamp should be lower than 0. 05g/( 千瓦·h) 。 Initial ozone output of ozone lamp should not less than 80% of the nominal value according to the standard requirements, generating type ozone ultraviolet germicidal lamp irradiation after the ozone is very little, basic harmless to the human body.
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