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The difference between domestic lighting lamp and uv lamp

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-10-12
Household lighting lamp and uv lamp fluorescent lamp structure and function: the difference between each one filament on both ends of the fluorescent lamp, inside the tubes filled with tiny amounts of argon and the thin mercury vapor, tubes coated with phosphor, on the wall between the two filament gas when conducting an ultraviolet, the phosphor downy light. Characteristics of the fluorescent lamp, lamp began to ignite need a high voltage, normal light can only be allowed by small current, the voltage is lower than the voltage at the ends of the tube. When the electron is motivated atoms would release light photons, if you already know how the atoms are work, then you will know electronic is walking up and down around the nucleus with negative charge particles, atomic electron have different levels of energy, mainly depends on several factors, including their speed and the distance from the nucleus. Electronic different possess different orbital and orbital energy level. Generally speaking, a big energy electron will be farther from the nucleus. When atoms gain or lose energy, electronic will move between from low orbit and high orbit. When you have something will - to the atomic energy - - As heat - for example - Electronic can temporarily be promote to a higher orbit ( Away from the nucleus) 。 Electronic just in this track position for a very short time: almost immediately be returned to the nucleus, and reached its original orbit. When electrons are released in the form of a photon
additional energy. The wavelength of light depends on how much energy is released, this will depend on the orbital location. The color of the light is determined by the excited atoms species. This is almost in all the light source of the most basic work mechanism. The light source is the main difference lies in the process of excited atoms. Related products: uv lamp
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