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The correct use of the aquatic animals ultraviolet germicidal lamp

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-05-15
Aquarium ultraviolet germicidal lamp is based on the modern epidemic prevention, medical and optical dynamics, on the basis of using the special design of high efficiency, high strength and long service life of UVC ultraviolet light band, all sorts of bacteria, virus, parasite, will the water directly kill algae and other pathogens, to achieve the purpose of disinfection. Ultraviolet germicidal lamp is airtight, such as the belt of the UVC filter barrels, filtered water quality of irradiation processing flow at the same time, but in general it is not necessary to buy uv germicidal lamp, have good water. Q: what is a bit like a scorpion bug monster? A: is the larva of a damselflies, some dragonflies and damselflies larvae with aquatic plants or fish mixed in, will hunt some young shrimp, how to deal with see you throw into the river or pond can be. Q: how to clean up the grass pests in cylinder? These two days I find polyps in cylinder, the worm will hurt the growth of aquatic plants, how to use the biological methods to eliminate this kind of insect? A: polyps mainly feed on aquatic life sustenance, such as crustaceans, etc. , are also likely to prey on young fish, but no effect for the larger fish, polyps is mainly composed of brine shrimp with the introduction of tanks, can put some fish that eat polyps, such as lightning beauty to deal with. Many insect dependence of organic material, lack of organic material is hard to survive. Q: how is the correct use of the ultraviolet germicidal lamp? In aquatic plants cylinder containing uv germicidal lamp, can have inhibitory effect on some species of algae, want to ask the correct use of the ultraviolet germicidal lamp in aquatic cylinder, is open or open only one day a week every day? Answer: uv germicidal lamp not only has inhibitory effect on algae, and will cause harm to other organisms, so absolutely can't put him in the top of the aquarium tank, its correct usage and resettlement in opaque filter, make water flows through a filter which achieve the effect of sterilization, at the same time some single-celled suspended algae also can remove, but the growth in the tanks and adherent algae, no effect, if you want to remove the algae must be to switch to other methods, uv germicidal lamp had better be open every day is the best effect. The above is the bright moon to talk about how the correct use of the aquatic animals ultraviolet germicidal lamp, you can simply understand and have a look. Need to consult the can contact us.
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