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The classification and application of ultraviolet lamp

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-09-25
The following only for a brief introduction of the common ultraviolet lamp, including ultraviolet UV lamp principle of work and its application.

a, high pressure mercury lamp:

at present, the industrial use of UV equipment used by the light source, mainly is the gas discharge lamp ( Mercury lamp) 。 According to the size of the light pressure of the inner cavity is divided into low pressure, medium pressure and high pressure, superhigh pressure, industrial production of curing usually use high pressure mercury lamp ( Hot, the cavity pressure in 0. 1 - 0. 5/MPa) 。

high pressure mercury lamp radiation can produce strong 310 nm, 365 nm, 410 nm wavelength of characteristics of ultraviolet light ( UV) , visible light and infrared light ( IR) With the wavelength of 365 nm for main is commonly used around the world, used for curing dry band ( Conventional appellation by 'the UV lamp namely high pressure mercury lamp of 365 nm) , also known as uv mercury lamp, uv mercury lamp.

application: used for all kinds of uv photosensitive ink, uv photosensitive coatings, ultraviolet curing photosensitive glue.

2, metal halogen lamp:

industrial production of curing usually use high pressure mercury lamp, because of the high pressure mercury lamp is made of pure mercury is activated, a discontinuous characteristic spectrum, it is not 'rich', in some curing can not get ideal efficiency, therefore in the corresponding halide lamp lumen to join metals, such as iron bromide, can make effective uv lamp is enhanced and enriched. The same conditions, with the power of halogen lamp ultraviolet intensity is 26% higher than high pressure mercury lamp, usually partial 380 nm wavelength more rich, uva rays, namely its ability to penetrate the coating is stronger. The commonly used halogen lamp, saying to 'iron lamp' is common.

application: used for various types of uv photosensitive ink, uv photosensitive paint, uv curing photosensitive glue; Especially PCB solder resist ink, high-speed printing uv ink curing applications, high strength characteristics of halogen lamp has its prominent advantages.

3, ultraviolet germicidal lamp:

uv sterilization mechanism and the role of nucleic acid, protein and enzyme, short-wave ultraviolet rays can damage cells or virus nucleic acid structure and function. Nucleic acid absorption spectrum and ultraviolet spectrum almost perfectly match the bactericidal function of purines and pyrimidines in nucleic acid to the strongest ultraviolet absorption wavelength of 260 nm; Wavelength of 254 nm uv mainly absorbed by nucleoprotein. Nucleic acid absorbed shortwave ultraviolet (uv) light, ultraviolet light quantum destroy one or several chemical in the nucleic acids, nucleic acids or decomposition of nucleoprotein or degeneration, loss of normal function, killing bacteria and viruses or variations. In addition, the ultraviolet light can affect the activity of many enzymes in bacteria and viruses, make its structure and function of protein molecules produces change, affect the synthesis of protein and nucleic acid metabolism, also can make the bacteria or virus weakened the toxicity, and even death.

applications: as a complete set of form a complete set the UV ( Uv) The light source of sterilization equipment, suitable for all kinds of shape structure, all kinds of bulk product streamline operations before packing process; 。 As indoor air sterilization machine UV ( Uv) Light: suitable for home and public places such as indoor air sterilization; Used in the disinfection cabinet, microwave ovens and other household appliances.

characteristics: hot cathode electrode, preheating start-up; The average life expectancy for 8000 hours; Can be used with the specifications of the fluorescent lamp bracket and lamp holder; The general structure, stable performance.

4, no ozone UV lamp:

the UV lamp high-pressure mercury lamp has more superior performance: the strong at the same time, do not produce ozone, environmental protection, safety, human. Mainly on the basis of the high pressure mercury lamp, by changing the wall material components, as of below 200 nm wavelength ultraviolet light, and there is no impact for more than 200 nm through, so as to avoid shortwave radiation to produce high concentrations of ozone, the use of environment and the operators, the UV lamp is one of the ideal product of more environmental protection.

application: used for various types of uv photosensitive ink, uv photosensitive paint, uv photosensitive adhesive curing.

unique advantages: more safety, environmental protection, at the same time of produce strong ultraviolet light, also avoids the production of ozone, more and more get the attention of the user and favour.

5, iodine gallium lamp:

iodine gallium lamp is added in the high pressure mercury lamp gallium halide, lamp radiation focused on 400 - 420nm。

applications: the printing film exposure, namely common printing applications. In the PCB industry are often used to exposure and plate burning; There are also some iodine gallium lamp used for special uv curing coating.

6, short arc xenon lamp:

the ultraviolet lamp, xenon sealed from the viewing area to the infrared area has a continuous spectrum similar to white light, and light color.

application: uv point light source form a complete set, dedicated to uv germicidal lamp curing photosensitive glue.

7, electrodeless lamp:

no electrode, the whole lamp can be used for effectively curing. Electrodeless lamp can instantly switch without brake light, switch frequency will not affect the lamp life, energy-saving lamps in the whole life period usually full launch uv energy, once the lamp fails, uv output will fall to zero. Electrodeless lamp length is relatively small, usually this means that you want to install more tubes can meet the requirements of a certain width, because each has magnetron tube, so the installation of such equipment is expensive, the cost is higher. The average life expectancy of up to 5000 h.
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