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The cautions of ultraviolet germicidal lamp use

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-05-11
Ultraviolet germicidal lamp is a kind of traditional, useful disinfection method, in the hospital, food factory, such as water treatment has been widely used, but in the use process is affected by many factors, especially the tube radiation intensity is low and application improperly affect disinfection sterilization effect. About it pay attention to below items: ultraviolet radiation can form burns to skin and eyes, please pay attention to protection. Avoid long time direct exposure to the human body. Ultraviolet light has the killing effect of organic cells. Please do not long-term illuminate with pets and plants. Take care to keep out the interior valuable painting and calligraphy, in case of long time ultraviolet irradiation oxidation discoloration. Don't use sterilization lamp as light. Disinfection with moderate advisable, not a long time to open the uv lamp. When clean the lamp, please block the power, or alcohol use clean soft cloth graze, avoid is swabbed with the organic solvents such as gasoline. To prevent children and contact. The room after the disinfection, please open a window ventilated. Above is bright moon, give you a brief introduction of the use of ultraviolet germicidal lamp pay attention to matters, you can simply understand and have a look. Content is only for your reference, need consulting understand can contact our manufacturer.
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