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The basic methods of use of ultraviolet disinfection lamp?

by:LiangYueLiang     2020-03-18
Ultraviolet disinfection lamp sterilization effect significantly, it is to everyone, but, if don't understand the installation use , it is very easy to shorten its life. uv sterilizer lamp is a very common lamps and lanterns in the hotel and hospital, but as people more and more high to the requirement of their own household environment, a lot of also gradually entered people's family life, while you can help us to kill bacteria, but also need to be more careful when using, let us together to a specific look at ( Figure & other; Ultraviolet disinfection sterilization lamp) A, the use of should pay attention to? 1, the relative humidity: 1. 1 high relative humidity, ultraviolet (uv) radiation to penetrate cells decreases. Literatures, the relative humidity was 55% ~ 60%, with ultraviolet the strongest rate of killing microorganisms, relative humidity above 60% ~ 70%, the microorganism for ultraviolet sensitive rate is reduced, relative humidity above 80% even instead of microbial activation, can make the bactericidal power by 30% ~ 40%. 2, environmental temperature: 1. 1 is of certain influence to environment temperature on ultraviolet radiation intensity, the temperature too high or too low will reduce the intensity of radiation, such as the temperature dropped to 4 ℃, the radiation intensity is falling by 65% ~ 80%, the serious influence the sterilization effect. Need to pay attention to these problems: when using regular cleaning, the number of the radiation intensity of light tube, tube installation, prevent the ultraviolet radiation damage. Second, method of use: t; &; px; 信- 间距:0。 1 px; 'ride height> 1, the ultraviolet lamp, should be vertical suspension, 2 - off the ground 2. 5 meters, 10 meters can be installed every 30 watts of uv lamp, effective distance is less than two meters. At the same time, must be equipped with indoor temperature, hygrometer. 2, for air disinfection should be shut doors and Windows, since the light is 5 - 7 minutes time, sterilization time shall not be less than 60 minutes at a time, in the process of to prohibit personnel enter indoor, must enter, should first stop , especially the young, unmarried woman to keep in mind this. Three, < / p> note: 1, on the surface of the dirt and oil dirties, prevents ultraviolet penetration, tube cleaning and cleaning, should be paid attention to in using the new tube before use, can use first 75% alcohol sponge to wipe. In the process of using general cleaning once every 2 weeks. Found the tube surface dust, grease, shall, from time to time to wipe, keep clean and transparent tube lights, lest affect ark penetration of ultraviolet ray and radiation intensity. 2, ultraviolet radiation intensity is the most basic factors influencing the disinfection effect, according to the requirements of the 'technical standard for disinfection, new ultraviolet lamp radiation intensity should be greater than 100 vw/cm2 ( Distance of 1 m) For qualified, are using the tube radiation intensity minimum should reach 70 vw/cm2 can be used temporarily, but it must be prolonged exposure. 3, according to the ministry of health issued the 'technical standard for disinfection, third edition, volume 2 ( Hospital disinfection specification) Regulation, indoor pendant installation number ( 30 w ultraviolet light, radiation intensity in vertical 1 m higher than 70 & mu; W/cm2) For the average per cubic meter of not less than 1. 5 w, and uniform distribution, hoisting height from the ground 1. 8 ~ 2. 2 m, make people breathing in the available irradiation range. Continuous illumination not less than 30 min 4, mainly to prevent ultraviolet radiation damage to the eyes, face exposed skin, do not look straight tubes in case caused conjunctivitis. Shall not make ultraviolet (uv) light source direct exposure to the people, to prevent skin erythema. Too much ultraviolet light can emit ozone, ozone can make the person poisoning, in some business environment, the concentration of ozone may not exceed 0. 3mg/m3。 Should be in the room there is no case to ultraviolet light. Above is small make up to our account of basic use method and matters needing attention, the content is for reference only, want to consult more knowledge on real-time updates, please!
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